The Murder of Obadiah Mailafia-EX-CBN Deputy Governor, in order of Abba Kyari, Ajimobi, Odumakin, Idika

Feature Article The Murder of Obadiah Mailafia-EX-CBN Deputy Governor, in order of Abba Kyari, Ajimobi, Odumakin, Idika
OCT 26, 2021 LISTEN

The Murder of Obadiah Mailafia-EX-CBN Deputy Governor, in order of Abba Kyari, Ajimobi, Odumakin, Idika

Written by Obinna Akukwe

The murder of Obadiah Mailafia, Ex-CBN Governor by agents of ‘Unknown Politicians’ that organized the abduction an near murder of Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra separatist leader in Kenya, is a sign that even the elites of Nigeria is no longer safe.

Malaifa was not murdered by agents of state as suggested in many quarters, he was rather taken out, according to credible diplomatic sources, by a syndicate sympathetic to the state, and it is worrisome that the activities of such syndicates is growing unfettered in Nigeria.

The Supreme Commander of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra IPOB, would have been a dead man in Kenya if I had not warned eight days earlier openly to the hired syndicate and their principals that his murder will bring chaos and calamity to Nigeria. I have elucidated it in a piece of June 29th titled ‘Arrest, I warned Nnamdi Kanu, Saved Him from Assassination’ where I posited that :

“I warned Nnamdi Kanu publicly that there is a plot to assassinate him before October 1st, 2021, and it is very unfortunate that he never took the warning serious, and made himself vulnerable for arrest. However, my consolation is that the forces that wanted him assassinated, heeded my public warnings that it will bring bloodshed to Nigeria, and instead opted for his arrest. I gave the warnings concerning plot to assassinate Kanu on June 9th, and 75 Northern Groups placed a bounty of N100 million naira on his head , eight days later on June 17th, and he was arrested on June 27th,eighteen days after my warnings. Those who ignore my warnings or advice will surely land in net, be it Buhari, Kanu, Governors, Boko Haram or whatever”.

I am equally troubled by the use of hospitals and hospital personnel to settle political scores. I am not the nay person worried, my foreign partners and friends are equally worried that Nigeria which invented high scale terrorism and kidnappings in Africa, is about to invent the use of Covid-19 related cases and ailments to settle political scores. The Nigeria Medical Association should refresh their oath of office to ensure that the ubiquitous activities of some luciferous and Illuminatic personnel do not erode the confidence the system reposes on them.

I was told in late August by the same foreign diplomatic sources that earlier informed me of plot to embarrass, abduct or assassinate Nnamdi Kanu, days before the embarrassing incidence, that Obadiah Mailafia will be taken out anytime, and it will be blamed on an ailment. I told the foreign diplomats that throughout my activist years, I never met Obadiah Mailafia, and may not be disposed towards relaying the message to him. By the time I heard of his death weeks later, I regretted, and wished I had made it a public issue.

My consolation is that Obadiah Mailafia handed his life to Jesus Christ, and became Born Again, before he gave up. The same sources listed those to be eliminated to include in the order as listed Obadiah Mailafia, followed by Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife, Prof Banji Akintoye and Governor Samuel Ortom and they will all die of disease related ailments.

Before going further, it is on record worldwide, that I first raised alarm over the plot to kill Covid-19 non-compliant Presidents worldwide. These Anti-Vaccinist Presidents who ignored my warnings paid with their lives including President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi, John Magafulli of Tanzania,Jovenel Moise of Haiti, Idris Derby of Chad while Andre Rajoelina of Madagascar escaped assassination attempt in July.

I gave the first warning titled ‘Covid-19 Herbal Cure; Before they kill Madagascar President’where I hinted that;

“A close top international diplomatic source had hinted me earlier in the month that the Madagascan President’s alleged cure for Covid-19 will bring him in conflict with the cabals that wants to control the vaccine world and he hopes African leaders be strategic enough to rally around Rajoelina when it starts. Another top security intelligence source with one of the Western nations, last week told me that a challenge of the WHO , the type Rajoelina is doing, is an invitation to “national chaos and mourning” and expressed concerns that the dispute over the Madagascan organics be resolved before the Madagascan President is seen as ‘a dangerous obstruction’ “.

The case of Madagascar was so urgent at the time that I released a warning In the piece I stated categorically that they are targeting Andry Rajoelina. I wrote the piece on the 5th of May, 2020. Twenty four days later, the Burundian President was killed, and it was blamed on heart attack. The Burundian President, just like the Tanzanian counterpart, refused to impose lockdown, and sacked WHO representatives.

Though the big media controllers of the internet have removed them in circulation, in concert with the deep state, it was widely shared in many African countries, and I received varied responses until President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi was killed. The piece was written in May 20th, Burundian President, another Anti Covid Vaccinist was killed in June 8tth, twenty days later after the first publication.. Burundian President had earlier expelled WHO officials from the country in May 15th, and died twenty four days later of heart attacks. He suddenly took ill after a game of volley, got hospitalized, released, and hospitalized again and gave up –all these within 72 hours

Months later the Tanzanian President was murdered , and I wrote a reminder to anti-vaccinist world leders titled ‘. ‘Covid-19 Murder of Tanzanian, Burundian Presidents! Nigeria Leaders , Others Beware!’ where I warned world leaders who are anti vaccinists that ;

“The President of Tanzania, John Magafulli was the second to be killed by the deep state, vaccine conglomerates and conspiracy of the ‘One World Order’. The first President to be poisoned in office by the same vaccinists was President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi. Both Presidents have rejected the compulsory lockdown and forced vaccinations of their people and they paid the price for it.

“Many who oppose the deep state conspiracies are paying one price or the other, all over the world, and I have records of such.

“President Magafulli was poisoned two months ago, according to security and diplomatic sources who have given us credible information over the past ten years, after a meal of fruits and vegetable. The poisonous substance that attacked his heart was laced with the vegetables. H e refused to take advantage of foreign medical trip because he knows that the deep state will easily finish him off, according to our source.

The same sources have warned us in May 2020 that all Anti-Covid Presidents in Africa are earmarked for elimination, and they included Burundi, Tanzania and Madagascar”.

I wrote the above piece on the 17th of April, three days later Idris Derby was killed by ‘rebel forces’ or Unknown Gunmen to the point that his son smelt foul play and assassinated some Amy Generals in the Chadian Armed Forces.

On the 9th of June, I warned of a planned attack on Buhari and Nnamdi Kanu and by Deep State Agents and Unknown Politicians respectively in a piece titled ‘Assassination Plot: Buhari, Nnamdi Kanu, Vaccinist, Unknown Politicians ‘ and asked them and related world leaders to beware.

Four weeks later, on the 7th of July, Haitian President Jovenel Mossi, who have all along rejected the Covid-19 Vaccie, was assassinated. Two weeks later on 20thJuly, Andre Rajoeina of Madagascar escaped assassination attempt, and in similarity with that of Chad and Haiti, foreign nationals were fingered and arrested in the plot.

I believe that had Buhari not rejigged his domestic policy, he would have been assassinated too for not being Covid-19 pliant, and forcing Nigerians under mass vaccinations

Therefore, I am not entertaining anybody with this piece. I have warned many times citing foreign diplomatic sources and the graveyard is holding those who think it is a joke. Though big media agents have tried with their local corroborators in the security services to sanction and remove my write-ups and revelations, yet the world have known that Anti-Vaccinist Presidents are gradually being eliminated.

I also want to warn those using hospital staff to settle political scores in Nigeria that their wickedness will soon become a tool to be communized the manner banditry, kidnapping, ritual killings and lately violent separatist agitations, Unknown Gunmen have been communized in Nigeria.

Some prominent Nigerians have been murdered in hospitals and it was blamed on Covid-19 complications. A situation whereby Abba Kyari, Abiola Ajiobi and Yinka Odumakin suddenly developed Covid-19 complications and died, after showing signs of recovery from the virus, is a curious twist which even top brass of intelligence circles I Nigeria have consistently rejected, in private discourses.

Abba Kyari, Buhari’s former Chief of Staff, was poisoned in hospital by interests who believe that his influence on administrative and security affairs is troublesome ahead of 2023 elections.

Abioa Ajimobi, former Governor and Deputy Chairman of APC, Nigeria’s ruling party, was poisoned in hospital to prevent him becoming party leader after the shameful removal of his boss, Adams Oshiomhole.

Yinka Odumakin , former publicist to President Buhari, and Afenifere ( Yoruba Political) Secretary was snuffed off in hospital because his mouth is considered too vitrlic ahead of 2023.

Obadiah Mailafia was also snuffed off for suggesting that Nigerians rise up to fight what he termed systematic killings of Christians and Southern Kaduna people..

Those who killed Abba Kyari educated the killers of Ajimobi and enlightened the killers of Odumakin and encouraged the killers of Malaifa. If this cycle of being poisoned in hospitals is not arrested, many politicians will use hospital bed to settle political scores, and the thieving elites will be the worse off.

Chief Tobias Idika, my good friend, and former Ohanaeze Ndigbo President in Kano, was poisoned in January 2014 by agents of state after attending a peace meeting n government House Kano. Tobias Idika, I and some Ohanaeze Activists battled the state sponsored terrorism whereby Boko Haram was selectively killing Igbos and burning their settlements. His vocal condemnation of terrorism attracted the hatred of the state, and he was subsequently poisoned after a meeting at governor’s insistence. I have alluded to it I the piece I wrote as tribute to him titled ‘Tobias Ikika: Poisoned Ohanaeze President of Kano, Slated for Burial’

Tobias Michael Idika was the bold and fearless President of Kano Chapter of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and also the Chairman of Ethnic Nationalities in Kano State. It is estimated that Igbos in Kano alone are up to 2 million persons. He stood like a colossus in fighting against the gradual reduction of population of non-indigenes of Kano State through the activities of Boko Haram and their State sponsored agents.

“When Boko Haram militants attacked Kano in January 2012, at the peak of Fuel Subsidy protests, Tobias Idika was at the forefront of ensuring that Igbos are not frightened out of the state.

“When Boko Haram blasted an Igbo dominated bus station at New Road, Sabon Gari, Kano on the 18th of March, 2013, killing over 70 Igbo sons and daughters, Tobias Idika lost his cool. He alerted the international community that the blast was a state sponsored attempt to deliberately reduce Igbo population in Kano.

“Tobias Idika vehemently condemned the July 30thSabon Gari Boko Haram bomb blast which killed over 120 Igbo sons and daughters at Enugu Road, Ibo Road and New Road respectively. He condemned the deliberate infrastructural neglect of Sabo Gari . He also condemned the constant harassment of Igbo patent medicine dealers in Kano by agents of Governor Kwankwaso”

The delegates from the European Union, who attended his wake keep in Kano, affirmed to Igbo leaders that Idika was a victim of state sponsored medical terrorism. The family of Obadiah Mailafia had also suggested an unethical planned rejection of a high profile patient from hospital to hospital till he died due to shabby medical procedure at Gwagawalada Specialist Hospital. Though doctors at the hospital have absolved their colleague on duty of any foul play, I believe, having the hint of his imminent poisoning, that the unforeseen hands are greater than the medical personnel involved all through the processes.

President Buhari should wake up before death through poisoning, hospitals and complications beomes rampamnt in Nigeria. Buhari should institute investigations into the circumstances that led to the death of Abba Kyari, Abiola Ajimobi, Yinka Odumakin, Obadiah Mailafia and Tobias Idika. The medical procedures and security of the integrity of the drugs, injections, infusions and others should be properly examined.

President Buhari had also survived a chemically induced assassination attempt at the State House that kept him in hospitals most part f 2017 and he should understand this message better than the crowd of ignoramus who pick their information from the gutter. The next high profile targeted murder through poisoning, medical complications and related matters will be very painful to Nigerians. The murder of Obadiah Mailafia , ex CBN Deputy, is one too many, let this wickedness be stopped before it becomes a new norm.

(Obinna Akukwe, Columnist, Cleric, [email protected] , @obinnaakukwe)

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