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Sketchy Treaty Uncertain For Its Implementation Had Averted Thebloody And Fatal Scuffle In Somalia

By Mohamed Hussein Mentalist
Sketchy Treaty Uncertain For Its Implementation Had Averted Thebloody And Fatal Scuffle In Somalia
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Somalia's lameduck,maverick and reticent president and his caretaker premier had concurred to overcome the systemic disparity and protracted gridlock that marred the upcoming indirect polls.

Mogadishu, Somalia's president and prime minister had struck deal to speed up the process of a long-delayed elections ending the simmering tension and feud which jeopardized the fragile federalism system and threatened to plunge the entire country into political turbulence and constitutional crisis.

The lameduck president willing to dominate the country eventhough his tenure had officially terminated and his handpicked and caretaker premier had eventually accepted a compromise agreement mediated by undisclosed arbitrator and unwavering and colossal pressure from the international community and each one was coerced to make a concession and set aside their conflict of interests

Serving under duress the president and the prime minister eventually succumbed to the unrelenting pressure and struck a covert deal which were later divulged publicly through press statement and pledge to resolve the prolonged dispute over controversial and tit-for-tat appointments to the security apparatus as well as intelligence architecture, Paving the way a stalled and sluggish process to elect new parliament and president to go ahead, the government spokesman said late on Thursday.

Somalia was scheduled to choose a new president this month after the term of the current president had expired on February and it culminated a lengthy and complicated indirect election process that would also select a parliament.

The dispute escalated exponentially,undermined the fragile equanimity, sabotaged the nascent and fledgling democracy and brink to derail the whole electoral process and the hope of free and transparent elections were dashed due to haggling and uncertainty in the polls.

The depending crisis has entirely halted the political dynamics and landscape and the acrimonious dispute between the top echelons about who will head the national intelligence service agency. The president and the prime minister had each appointed specific candidates to supersede the head of the agency who was suspended last month after he has mired with the case of missing and presumed slain female intelligence agent.

Under the murky covenant the president's appointee will now take up the post in an acting capacity, while the man appointed by the prime minister will be offered a different role as a state minister. A separate and full-blown wrangling over who would head the internal security ministry was also resolved, the spokesman said.

Somali had a history of monocratic demagogues willing to grip the power for ever and was usurped through the barrel of the gun since the ruthless tyrant was toppled three decades ago and then chaos and anarchy were the common phenomena and ever since Somalia has never conducted free, fair, credible, Transparent and inclusive elections.

In the communique issued at the end of the meeting the leadership had unanimously agreed to accelerate the election process by calling the federal member states to initiate and spearhead the election of the lower house.

Under the indirect electoral process,regional councils are scheduled to choose and accomplish the remaining vacant positions of the senators, so far 52 senators were chosen and still two senators are still off the list of senators and expected to be chosen in the coming days.

Clan elders who were domineering the Somali politics since the civil strife that fragmented the population and torn apart the country have the final and vested authority to pick members of the lower house of the parliament, now set to take place next month, the parliament will pick a new president at a date that has not yet been officially set and agree.

Roble and Mohamed clashed adversely in April, the Somali political leaders signed and ratified a political treaty resolving the impasse out of election on 27/5/2021 when the president unilaterally extended his four year term by two years, prompting bloody skirmishes of an army faction loyal to each man to seize rival positions in the capital Mogadishu .

The bloody confrontation was resolved when president Farmajo addressed to the parliament and pleaded to retract their decision to extend his tenure for another two years and implemented devolution of power by assigning Roble to be in charge of the security and organizing the delayed polls on their time frame

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mohamed Hussein Mentalist. Author, blogger, prominent researcher, Horn of Africa Affairs analyst and senior lecturer at Mogadishu University.

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