12.09.2002 Sports News

Even SWAG Gets It Wrong

By A concerned Sister.
Even SWAG Gets It Wrong
LISTEN SEP 12, 2002

...Margaret Simpson Ignored African Champion and Gold Medalist 2002, Commonwealth Bronze medalist 2002, broken 4 national records in 2002, and a member of Africa’s Team to the 2002 Athletics World Cup in Madrid Spain 19th-21st September 2002. The above credentials are that of MARGARET SIMPSON and SWAG decided not to honor her. What on earth does a decent, fine, talented and a patriotic daughter of Ghana has to do in order earn respect in this country of ours? Vida Anim, the recipient of the “Female Athlete of the Year Award” is a great athlete but this was not her year. Unfortunately, she was plagued by injury this past season. She did not advance past the first round of the 100m at the Commonwealth Games, Manchester, due to injury and did not compete in the African Championships in Tunis as a result. SWAG is quoted as saying that, “they are concerned with the direction of sports in the country and would want to be involved in the development of sports by playing a more effective role.” Well, a great and unambiguous productive first step that Ghanaians all over the world can appreciate is that, SWAG should be more objective in its criteria for selecting recipients for awards. Margaret Simpson was robbed in broad day light. In my humble opinion, she deserves the “Sports Person of the Year” award. Message from SWAG I wish to advice my "CONCERNED SISTER" to hold her fire, at least for now. Last Saturday's SWAG Awards Nite --- the 27th awards --- at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, honoured outstanding sportsmen and women and organisations for the 2001 sporting year. Our CONCERNED SISTER should realise that Vida Anim had a more outstanding year in 2001 than Margaret Simpson. Fortunately, the shoe is on the other foot and Margaret has had a phenomenal year and should be honoured next year when the 28th Awards are held. Hope this settles the argument. Best regards Maurice Quansah, Assistant Secretary, SWAG.

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