On Colin Powell's death

Feature Article On Colin Powell's death
OCT 23, 2021 LISTEN

We shouldn’t ill of the dead, right!


But we should we, in good conscience, eulogized a brutal warmongering, callous, immoral, amoral, mass murderer who devoted his professional life to the service of the world’s most vicious and pitiless imperialist power?

Should we applaud a Buffalo Soldier who did not shy away from committing heinous crimes against people in the non-western world, whose only sin or crime was to be born in places with resources the imperialists crave but do not want to pay for?

I don’t think so!

I agree with Lucky Dube that: “Not every Blackman is my brother, not every white man is my enemy.”

The words of Prophet Mosiah Garvey rings true today as it did when he uttered them many years ago: “I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there.”

Here is Uncle Tom Collin Powell presenting his “evidence” to the United Nations.” It was a concocted evidence that led to the death of millions (who is counting) of innocent Iraqis and the destruction of one of the world’s oldest civilizations!

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