On Colin Powell - clarification and amplification!

Feature Article On Colin Powell - clarification and amplification!
OCT 23, 2021 LISTEN

This was a reply to a friend’s response to my posts on the late Colin Powell.

I honestly would have kept my peace re Colin Powell if some friends have not disturbed me with their ridiculous and slanderous (to the victims of US imperialism) eulogies!

I can’t find it in my heart to forgive Powell’s role in Iraq, the same way Obama lost me when he led the bombing of Libya, and Mandela when he divorced Winnie!

I have said on countless occasions that I don’t have time for BS, and that hypocrisy is disgusting to me. I have nothing but utter contempt for hypocrites and for anyone without principles.

We are all products of our upbringing; I was brought up to cherish the truth, and to tell it even at the peril of death. After all, no one will get of life alive.

Yoruba saying: Iku ya ju esin lo / Death is preferable to ignominy.

Even by the very high moral standards of the Yorubas, we Ekitis are known for our stubborn, sometimes ridiculous insistence on Truth, Equity, and Justice.

We believe that the RIGHT thing must be done ALWAYS, most especially by members of our family and friends.

Another Ekiti story:

Before it was carved out of Ondo State, the Ekitis were the clear majority in the state. The utterly corrupt and kleptomaniac government of Shehu Shagari thought the best way to rig the elections in the state was to put up an Ekitiman as his party’s gubernatorial candidate in the 1983 elections.

The Ekitis were diehard Awoists (followers of Obafemi Awolowo) and didn’t like Shagari and his party one bit.

That didn’t stop Shagari’s FEDECO (Federal Electoral Commission) from announcing his Ekiti candidate, Akin Omoboriowo, as the Winner.

The Ekitis will have none of it. They insisted that their candidate, Adekunle Ajasin, from Owo be declare the winner.

The rest of Nigeria were stunned when the Ekitis rose up in protests against their own son! Akin Omoboriowo’s personal house in his hometown was burned down.

The protests and riots in Ekiti were major a contributor to the Army coup that terminated Shagari misrule.

BTW, Akin Omoboriowo was from Ijero-Ekiti - my Maternal granny was a princess from the ancient town!

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