The rebirth of nation wreckers in Ghana

Feature Article The enemies within, right behind the slaves is an African slave master in a white gown.
OCT 21, 2021 LISTEN
The enemies within, right behind the slaves is an African slave master in a white gown.

During the time of slavery, history reveals that some of our own people (Africans) were involved in the slave trade, assisting the white trade dealers in brutalizing their own brothers and sisters (our ancestors).

They put all the blame on white people for slavery in Africa but it’s shocking to find out that there were black slave owners in the United States of America that participated in the slave trade.

Our nation Ghana has come so far to know today that there are people that will sell the country to aliens for the majority to suffer so long as the money goes into their pockets.

We claim money is the root of all evil, but it is people's love for money and power that has no boundary, the cause of fear, panic, and anxiety in Ghana today.

Our dear nation is experiencing the rebirth of economic saboteurs and nation wreckers, trying to sell our country to the demands of the US government to legalize same-sex marriage.

As a nation where is our pride as Ghanaians or Ghana? Why must Western Europe and the US governments impose something which the majority of Ghanaians are not interested in?

And it’s the same country our president, Nana Akufo Addo wants to build the Cathedral he promised God. Heaven indeed must be missing an angel.

Ghana has whatever it takes, including cocoa, gold, diamond, timber, bauxite, etc, to be a great nation, unfortunately, nothing is going well in the country. This is the time the intelligent ones must sit and find out our troubles to save the country.

Our nation is like a cursed country because of the poor and disastrous decisions made by our leaders. Surprisingly, they haven’t learned anything yet but keep repeating the same old mistakes that have taken the country from the civilized world.

I have said that I will fight for my country, therefore, this is not going to be my last article against the legalization of homosexuality in Ghana. I will be back.

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