Open letter to celebrities: Celebrity lifestyles and mental illness: The case of Funny Face

By Bismark Kwabla Kpobi
Article Open letter to celebrities: Celebrity lifestyles and mental illness: The case of Funny Face
OCT 21, 2021 LISTEN

In Africa, for that matter Ghana, one's lifestyle as a celebrity is centred on "Social media Likes, Comments and Shares" also, how they trend. In order to adapt to such social media norms, celebrities tend to engage in anything abnormal eg naked exposure of private parts, pranking, abuse of drugs, show off with one's luxuries and how many sexual intercourses they have, how they slept with big men to gain or how many abortions they did etc.

Some even went to the extent of saying they slept with dogs just to get monies. How insane.

Excessive competition among celebrities, unrealistic ambitions, measuring achievement in numbers produced and dollars (monies), the need for me to win and trend more mentality has exposed many to mental illnesses.

There are many celebrities today who have outlived their usefulness but fighting hard to be in the media thereby engaging in all sorts of activities to trend. They get depressed, or abuse Psychoactive Substances and engage in unnecessary and uncouth social media banters with one another when not meeting their expected trends.

My professional advice to our celebrities though I am not a fan of any is that they should seek mental health and psychological help often if they want to succeed in their industry without involving in foolish stuffs.

Your Mental Health will go a long way to have a positive impact on your career, and once you are in a stable state of mind, you will survive long without being faded off within the shortest possible time.

Use your fame, social media handles to encourage prioritisation of MENTAL HEALTH in the country so you can equally get best therapies when the need be.

Today it is Funny Face, Abena Korkor and others, tomorrow it can be you.

Don't let your quest to be famous lead you into criminal stuffs that will rather destroy you.

Avoid abusing drugs and be yourself.

Self-esteem and confidence are built not through substance use but by continuous practice and believing in oneself.

You can be a great celebrity, famous, achiever not by engaging in anti-social activities (patterns of irresponsibility, disregards for rights of orders, vandalism, substance abuse, fistfights, verbal attacks, weapon use, cruelty, sexual aggression, recklessness etc ) just to seek immediate gratification.

I wish you all well in your careers that are decent and impact the nation positively not those that give us negative influences.

Bismark Kwabla Kpobi

Mental Health Practitioner And Advocate.

Concerned Citizen.

[email protected]

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