2020 polls: We could've also gone on promise spree like NPP – NDC

NDC News 2020 polls: We could've also gone on promise spree like NPP – NDC
OCT 20, 2021 LISTEN

A former Greater Accra Regional Secretary to the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Victor Quarshie Adonoo, has said the party tactfully shied away from making a litany of promises on the campaign trail.

According to him, the NDC, with equal measure, could have also gone on a promising spree like the NPP did in the last two elections but the party avoided that because of its respect for the Ghanaian voter.

“As a party, we were very cautious about some of these promises during the last elections so as not to create an impression that the party was just desperate for power.

“The NDC did not want to affect the sensibilities of the voter by just making promises it may not be able to fulfill in government,” he asserted.

“What the NDC, as a party, cares about”, he noted, “was to create equal opportunities for everyone and not a handful of family people like the NPP is doing in government,” he added.

Mr Adonoo made the comment during a panel discussion on Accra100.5FM’s morning show, Ghana Yesmon, hosted by Kwame Appiah Kubi.

He noted that many of the promises the NPP made in opposition were just not feasible yet they kept trumpeting them.

“The NDC, in government, questioned the rationale behind some of these promises being made by the then-opposition leader, now president, and his vice-president, saying it was not feasible but the NPP then argued that it takes a visionary leader to achieve many of these promises,” he said.

“But what are we seeing today under the administration of the NPP led by President Akufo-Addo and Dr Bawumia five years down the lane? Many of these promises have turned to be a basket full of failed promises,” he stated.

He said the NPP took advantage of these unfeasible promises to hoodwink the voter but, as a party, the NDC came to the realisation that it will not be appropriate making some of those promises.

“The NDC knew if it made such promises as the NPP did, it could be found wanting in government like NPP is suffering to admit some of the promises they made on the campaign trail”.

“Where is the promise of one million dollars per constituency?” he quizzed.

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