Open Letter to Mr. Bagbin, the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana

By Edward Kwame Adukodee Poku
Letter Open Letter to Mr. Bagbin, the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana
OCT 18, 2021 LISTEN

To the

Hon. Mr. Bagbin, the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana

With copies to

  1. the BNI,
  2. the two opposing parties of the Parliament:
    1. the Minority Leader Hon. Mr. Haruna, (NDC)
    2. the Majority Leader Hon. Mr. Kyei-Mensah (NPP)

for information and review.

from the

Director of the Outside Parliamentary Opposition in Germany

Edward Kwame Adukodee Poku

Consultant Physician Specialist

35104 Lichtenfels, Tulpenstr. 14,


LGBTQ+ Organisation (Origins and Aims)

First, I wish to appeal to ModernGhana to publish this article of mine in support of the singular effect of lawyer Moses Foh-Amoaning to free Africans from the domination of white people.

My aim here is not primarily accepting or rejecting homosexuality, but rather whether this is a normal or abnormal behaviour. If it is an abnormal behaviour, do those practising these activities act on some form of neural dictate, forcing them to be selective in their behaviour?

If the latter is true the damage they do to themselves due to their forced preferences and to others due to infections like HIV, Hep B and physical damage to others in high security prison is unacceptable.

Is it a mental problem, yes or no?

If the answer is yes, then why are the EU ambassadors encouraging this form of sexuality in our country when in their own countries it is not universally accepted normal form of sexual intercourse?

Do these ambassadors take into consideration the culture, tradition, the health and scanty financial resources of the victims of rape into consideration?

If not, then the Ghanaian parliament must debate this issue and that is why I shall send them copies of this petition to them to debate.

The BNI must also examine the legality of these ambassadors. The reaction of these ambassadors to the killings of African Americans should be discussed.

The sensitivity, responsibility and respect of Africans must be debated by our Parliament.

The African Slavetrade

Basil Davidson writes the following:

“Between the 15th and 19th centuries perhaps 50 million men women and children were captured, bought or kidnapped from Africa by European slave traders to labour in the mines and on the plantations of the Western hemisphere.”

The descendants of our people till today are routinely being killed by white supremacists who have embedded themselves into the US-American police force.

Young Africans are being killed in Italy and the only African woman Member of Parliament is being insulted as monkey.

Our brilliant footballers in the U.K. are booed as monkeys.

Suddenly the same people who helped introduce Apartheid in South Africa are seeking the interest of few pathological sexual aberrations. Their human rights have been abused, please give us an example!

I am an old man now and never in my entire life have I encountered a sincere, honest, eloquent and dedicated human being like this Ghanaian lawyer, Mr. Foh-Amoaning. He is simply the best.

He is eloquently, sent a strong message to lawyer Gabby in a manner of clarity I have never in my own over 80 years of life ever experienced from anyone. I hope that this brilliant man would continue to help our race the way that he is doing.

The history of the LGBTQ movement started in the UK. It is reckoned that virtually every 4th to 3rd British is homosexual inclined.

Once upon a time, there was a small man who started as cleaner at the offices of the oil company BP. This man allegedly worked his way up to become the CEO of BPI.

It is alleged by a British newspaper (either the Observer or the Times) showed a picture of this smallish person with an 18 year old boy who has been described as his sexual partner. Married ? This white man is reported to be many times billionaire.

This BP CEO lobbied with his immense wealth the Conservative Party which at that time was in power, used their influence to get the UN to propagate their gospel.

Now, the aim of these white homosexuals and their supporters were to create the impression that sexual abuse of children was totally another category of sexual harassment and it was called paedophilia. I worked in prison in the Isle of White. I looked after and questioned 30 inmates all were homosexuals.

Catholic priests were notorious for these crimes which were seen among the priests in Ireland where their influence power was limitless. They practiced this sexual abuse with impunity.

Akufo-Addo has come out in support of our people. Thank God.

The confidence placed on some of these our leaders especially in South Africa are misplaced.

Homosexuality from the point of view of medical science

This sexual activity was classified as a crime in the UK until the late 1960s. Most of these people committed suicide.

Then suddenly when the British Government learned of the extent of this crime it was decriminalised. Why this sudden change of heart was due to lobbying with money.

Originally, homosexuality was classified under “Disorder of sexual preference”,

used in ICD 10 or paraphilias the term used in DSM-IV are disorders in which individual is sexually aroused by appropriate stimuli. Other terms include “sexual deviation and perversion”

There is some overlap between these disorders, sex-offending and inappropriate sexual behaviour, but the three are separate concepts.

Homosexuality was previously included but this is no longer the case. Why is this no more the case ? The answer is: Politics !

The answer is simple. This is not a white man's problem, it is an universal problem. It is naturally so, the black people are also guilty of this crime. It is no-more a crime, so because of international solidarity we have to help them, or groom new ones, so that we are all the same.


Massive population growth in Africa is seen as a threat. They have tried with HIV, Ebola, Syphilis and now actively with money.

Homosexual People – Who are they ?

Homosexual people of both sexes differ from heterosexuals in certain cognitive abilities, suggesting there may be subtle differences in their brain structure.

Brain imaging studies have now demonstrated that this is so. The brains of 90 healthy gay and heterosexual adults, both men and women were scanned to measure the volume of both hemispheres. The results showed that homosexual women and heterosexual men shared a particular asymmetry in their hemisphere size, while heterosexual women and homosexual men had no difference between the sizes of the different halves of their brain.

In other words, structurally at least, the brains of homosexual men were more like the brains of heterosexual women and the brains of heterosexual men were more like the brains of homosexual women.

A further experiment found that in one particular area of the brain, the amygdala, there were other significant differences. In heterosexual men and homosexual women there were more nerve connections in the right amygdala in comparison with the left. The reverse was true with more neural connections with the left amygdala in homosexual men and heterosexual women.

These physiological differences are too great to be due to environmental factors and it seems likely that they were laid down quite early in foetal brain development.

Is there a “Gay” Brain ?

This question is for the world and the assessment of actions of homosexuals very important.

  1. In 1991 the prestigious journal Science published a study showing that the brains of a group of homosexual men who had died from AIDS were structurally different from the brains of heterosexual men. The nucleus in the hypothalamus that triggers male-typical sexual behaviour was much smaller in homosexual men and “looked” more like that in the brains of heterosexual women.
  2. The author Simon Levay, then associate professor of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and adjunct professor of biology at the University of California, was immediately attacked by gay activists who feared that the recognition of homosexuality as a physical based condition might lead to it being stigmatised.

    Levay, who is himself homosexual, then went on to discover that the corpus callosum differs between homo- and heterosexual men. In homosexual men it tends to be bigger. (This is a common distinction between the typical male and female brain – female brains have a broader corpus callosum. Interaction between both hemispheres is enhanced)

  3. Three years later a study led by molecular biologist Dean Hamer of the National Institute of Health in Washington D.C., found evidence to suggest that a specific gene carried on the maternal line carried on the sexual orientation in men.
  4. In 2008 Swedish scientists studied brain-scans of 90 homosexual and heterosexual men and women and found out that the size of the two hemispheres of homosexual men's brains more closely resembled those of heterosexual women than they did heterosexual men.

    In heterosexual women the two hemispheres are more or less the same size. Scans of the brains of homosexual men in the study however showed that the hemispheres were relatively symmetrical like those of heterosexual women.

The Motif of Europeans' LGBTQ-Saga

We now know the nature of this genetic and anatomic disorder.

From time immemorial we Ghanaians, especially the Ashanti, have named these people “Obaa/Beema”, meaning a “woman/man”.

We have lived for centuries in peace, why then the sudden lecturing us of a so-called obligation to treat this hidden minority humanely. We cannot be asked to treat a group among us with dignity when they live in secret and solemn anonymity.

Why is the closure of the LGBTQ-offices to be condemned ? Why should we as a people allow ourselves to be lectured by people whose past and present behaviour is anything but racist.


  • Australia. Racist policies only to be compared to Hitler's Eugenics and racial hygiene bogus theories, that have created concentration camps on remote islands where atrocities happen on a daily basis and sexually deviant creatures find their paradise with men, women and children being at their mercy with no accountability at all.
  • Amnesty International statement: “when the rights of individual(s) are clearly violated, then that becomes a serious concern.
  • When people suffering from a serious brain dysfunction, scientifically proved, lock themselves up, in a hidden premises, then it is the duty of the state to be concerned.

    Where was Amnesty International when white tourists with damaged brain-function sexually abuse our children on Oxford Street in Accra, inflicting permanent bodily and spiritual damage to them, then the government of the land must be concerned about them.

  • It is legitimate to act prematurely to avert further damage.
  • What is the intention of this group ?

    They want to hide their forbidden activities dictated by impulses of the pathological brain.

  • What Amnesty International should know, is that

    Rape of Men

    “In some states the definition of rape is being changed to substitute the word person for female.”

    In most states, male rape is legally defined as sodomy – homosexual rape is much more frequent among men than among women and occurs frequently in closed institutions such as prisons and maximum security hospitals.

    The attempt by Amnesty International to intervene in the action by the police was wrong, because the state had the obligation to pre-empt danger or harm to its most vulnerable subjects.

    Note that the actions of homosexuals were directed by impulses.

    I entreat you, Hon. Speaker, to ask the BNI to take over questioning of Amnesty International over their intervention.

    1. Did they know of murder of homosexuals in London Parks?
    2. Did they know of the risk of being sexually assaulted in high security prisons in the U.K?
    3. Did they know of the increasing risks of HIV infections among homosexuals?
    4. Did they and the ambassadors know that in the close vicinity of the rooms closed by the security officers saved lives by preventing the transfer of COVID 19?
    5. Does Amnesty International know that the victim is usually smaller than the rapist, is always perceived as passive and usually weaker?
    6. Does Amnesty International know of what the Catholic Priests have done to almost 4,300 children and therefore their families?
    7. Does Amnesty International know of the activities of priests of Irish children and the power they had to do those things with impunity?
    8. Does the Amnesty International and the white foreign ambassadors know what it is to be raped by a homosexual as they have done in Ghana?

      The victims feel often that they have been ruined and some also feel they will become homosexuals because of the attack. This is what Ghana wants to prevent.

    Some estimates of homosexual experience:

    1. Canada: 1 % homosexual,
    2. Norway: 3,5%,
    3. France: 4,1%
    4. Denmark: <1%
    5. Britain: 6,1%

    Homosexual experience is a mental illness. Therefore the intervention of the Ghana police was justified.

    The views of Mr. Ofosu-Ankrah

    The views of Mr. Ofohere-Ankrah are perfectly correct. I chaye shown anatomy/pathology that unfortunately a. mental problem. Trying to resurrect lies about this ailment while the same people have scientifically proved that this sexual behaviour is pathological is disingenuous.

    I dare say, prevalence is a lot in the white race. The blackrock because of their immense athletic capabilities is the frevailance minimal.

    Attempt to suppress the fact that black people can deduce their superiority in athletics to the immense androgens they possess and therefore less likely to be homosexuals.

    One thing that however the white race beat the blacks is the extent and degree of brutality.

    The naked open killing of George Floyd shows not only the brutality and lack of empathy white race are.

    The killing of Jews by Germans and the rise of Nazism in the present day Germany shows these people are genetically murderers.

    Hypocrisy of Australians

    As I write, the Australian Defence Minister Linda Reynolds has unexpectedly taken sick leave just about to answer questions about a young staffer's claims that she was raped by a male colleague inside the Minister's office. Reynolds has been admitted to a Canberra hospital as a precautionary measure on the advice of the cardiologist relating to pre-existing condition you feel.

    Dear Hon. Babgin, I entreat you Sir to send a copy of this petition to you and respectfully beg you to give BNI also a copy.

    I expect the foreign ambassadors from the EU not to be expelled from Ghana, but to be indicted by the BNI.

    They have to answer questions based on the detailed information I have made available to you. I suspect there are people who are not happy with the population of African people. They wish to create disagreement among us and to encourage their activities that might impede further explosion of our from God given population.

    The interest they have to protect a group of possibly sick people in our race, when there are more homosexuals in their nations is a mystery. If BNI should discover any diabolical intent, then the suspects must answer questions in our courts.

    This is a serious problem.

    Now that I have furnished the Ghanaian parliament with the requisite facts about homosexuality that it is a mental problem, there are questions to be asked to the EU ambassadors:

    1. Did they know that tis sexual behaviour constitutes an illness?
    2. What have they done to avail themselves of facts about this illness?
    3. Is it a human rights to prevent this ailment causing and spreading further diseases like HIV?
    4. What concrete has the government of Ghana done which constitutes abuse of these people’s rights?
    5. We appreciate their effort to help homosexuals and alleviate the suffering they have caused others (although ambassadors are prohibited from political activism inside their host country).
    6. Is the EU prepared to financially help those your people whose lives have been ruined by homosexuals?
    7. We demand 100 Million Dollars as reparation for the victims of these people.
    8. The BNI should question the EU-ambassadors.
    9. If they fail to answer pertinent question
    10. They should be charged for defamation about 1 billion dollars.

    The definition of diplomatic is someone who can be sensitive in dealing with others and who can achieve peaceful resolutions or facilitate discussion. A person who doesn’t take sides in a fight but who helps others to resolve their differences is an example of someone who is diplomatic.

    The EU-ambassadors were anything but diplomatic.

    I beg both houses of parliament to discuss this issue and take action. The President’s intervention was late and not adequate. The issue is not marriage of homosexuals but rather the whole activities especially the unmarried partners. They pose the greatest havoc to the society because of their promiscuity due to constant change of partners.

    Many thanks from

    Dr. E.K.A. Poku, M.D.

    Consultant Physician Specialist

    35104 Lichtenfels, Tulpenstr. 14,

    email: [email protected]

    Fax: 05636/9302

    Dr. Kwame Poku Adukodee

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