20.07.2002 Feature Article

Open commentary on Prez Kuffour's 2002 Speeches

Open commentary on  Prez Kuffour's 2002 Speeches
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TALKING RESPONSIBILITY His Excellency, President John Agyekum Kuffour: Your speeches at various functions and national occasions this year have reflected the facts on the ground. I wish Your Excellency President John Kuffour the best in life and health in order to lead our nation out of abject poverty, ignorance, disease, and hopelessness.
I will strongly suggest that the presidency take a serious look at the non-performing ministers and appointees and make the necessary corrections before Ghanaians lose another opportunity to bring our nation into the 21st century. Many of your ministers are just going through the motions and have no direction whatsoever; in exactly the same bumbling manner former NDC ministers operated and made a mess of themselves and their offices. The end results were a society where every conceivable system was broken down, ranked corruption by NDC government appointees and their cronies, and succeeded in making blatant stealing by officials from the state an acceptable practice in Ghana. Some of us sincerely believe that there are a thousand and one ways that the NPP government could have done to bring relief to the masses in its first year in office. QUALITY EDUCATION FOR ALL No one in this government or previous governments has taken upon themselves to correct the shameful inequality in the quality of education in different parts of Ghana. Children who by no fault of theirs attend schools in Wassa, Paga, or Ahafo are destined to end their education at the JSS and live hopelessly forever. The proliferation of private schools of the 1990s exposed the sorry state of our public education system and our teachers. I may want to ask the education minister and the GNAT leadership to explain to Ghanaians why students from the private elementary and JSS schools excel not only in standardized tests but go on to become the educated elites of our society? Before GNAT spokesmen and women could insult the intelligence of Ghanaians with lame and tired excuses I want them to know the following: Generally, teachers in private schools have less training and education than teachers in public JSS system whose education and training were paid for by the taxpayer.

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