Problems facing people in the rural areas.

By Appiah Bernice
Opinion Problems facing people in the rural areas.
OCT 17, 2021 LISTEN

The rural areas in Ghana are one major place Ghana generate more revenue by exporting cocoa from the rural areas to abroad but people in the rural areas are crying for help in their roads.,schools, electricity, networking system. One of the major problems facing the people in the rural areas is good networking system. the world has become technological world where everything deals with technology. if you go to places like Dunkwa Kumakrom, Amangoase, alhaji krom and the rest they are suffering from good network in the community.

Because of this if any emergency call had to be made, they have to run a long distance where there will be available network before they can call and many of the students in the rural areas find it difficult to make research because of poor network. Another major problem facing them is lack of electricity. Light is one thing that cannot be removed from humans' day activities, you cannot make any activities in the night without light, and this has brought bad impact on their education system because student don't get light to learn.

Poor drinking water in the rural areas has bring many spreads of diseases, because many rural areas drink from running water on the ground, bacteria's and other microorganism may be found in it, and this can cause illness.

Good roads in the rural areas are also one major problem wondering them.

Because of these, it has made traveling in the rural areas complicated.

Many rural areas don't also have access to good health center, others too must move a long distance before getting treated.

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