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African leaders are still slaves to foreign powers

African leaders are still under the domination of foreign powers after independence
LISTEN OCT 14, 2021
African leaders are still under the domination of foreign powers after independence

African leaders hoping Europe and the US governments will help build Africa or their countries; have a mental state similar to that of a child. They must get that wishful thinking out of their brain immediately and act intelligently like normal human beings.

What brought Western Europe and the United States governments together to brutalized Africa through slavery, colonial brutality, and Apartheid? It is because of Africa’s resources.

Therefore, if slavery has been abolished, independence has driven the colonial masters away from the African continent, and Apartheid has bowed to democracy, Europe and America will always find ways and means to get closer to Africa’s resources.

They need the resources desperately; therefore, they will do whatever it takes to get what they are looking for. We heard it from the horse’s own mouth saying from the time of Kissinger, America’s policy remains the same.

After listening to this video, if still interested in legalizing same-sex marriage in Ghana, then go back to school and begin at class one

The policy is not to assist the continent with clean water, help in education but to provide Africans with contraceptives to shrink the population and make sure Africa doesn’t develop so that the foreign powers could use the resources for themselves.

So if you are an intelligent African or Ghanaian leader and you hear such words from Europeans and Americans, would you say that they love Ghana so much the reason they are asking the country to legalize homosexuality?

The legalization of same-sex marriage doesn’t mean they love Africa or Ghana, this is another diabolical political agenda to continue the derailment of Africa. They don't want us to move forward. Are African leaders so daft to know this?

Leadership is not just being a president, traveling across the world to conferences, and participating in international events, not at all, that doesn't make one a good leader.

The important part of good leadership is to protect the people and speak out against crime and anything affecting the people. This is what many African leaders fear to do. Thus, the African continent has either become a waste dumping depot or its citizens used as guinea pigs in testing new drugs manufactured in Europe and the United States of America.

The fact that the founders of Africa’s independence, such as Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta, etc, suffered in the hands of foreign powers for the emancipation of Africa, today’s African leaders have become like puppets to the West and American governments.

The weaknesses of African leaders, foreign powers dwell, to tell them what to do because they know that they are still slaves who will always depend on them for food, loans, drugs, vaccines, thus; Africa takes everything, including the latter without knowing exactly of its components.

The continent of Africa has been abused through slavery, colonialism, Apartheid, “unexpected strange diseases that appeared from heaven,” apart from malaria that exists long before and after our ancestors, yet, no African leader has been strong enough to demand answers.

What African leaders are interested in is the money the West and American governments give them to support HIV-Aids and Ebola projects in Africa.

With that in mind, Western European and American governments know that since the leaders are lazy and in love with such financial assistance, definitely, they will be interested to legalize homosexuality to get financial assistance on that too.

Why Ghana? Foreign powers must try to establish their demonic LGBTQI+ activities in Islamic countries, including Somalia. GHANA SAYS NO TO THE LEGALIZATION OF SAME-SEX MARRIAGE. Curse be on anyone that approves homosexuality in Ghana.

This is the time for the youth in Ghana, men of wisdom, heads of churches, Islamic leaders, etc; to rise and help Ghana because the leaders in that country are losing their thinking ability because of easy money.

Europe and America know where to find me, if what I have written is not true, they can get me arrested or send someone to assassinate me. I am sick and tired of the white man telling African leaders what to do, be also human beings to say no, or tell the white man what to do.

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