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Passage Of LGBTQI+ Bill: Stop The Intimidations And Let Democracy Prevail

By James Anganmwini
Passage Of LGBTQI+ Bill: Stop The Intimidations And Let Democracy Prevail
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An American top politician, a man widely celebrated as the father of democracy, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of America, summarily defined democracy as a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

In my considered opinion, the above succinct definition of democracy from the western world settles the debate surrounding the passage of the LGBTQI+ Bill.

Majority of Ghanaians do not support the LGBTQI+ way of life as it is considered an affront to our cultural norms and values as the country is predominantly a Traditional, Christian and Muslim nation. Those who have the penchant of questioning the Ghanaian values do not respect us as a people.

As a sovereign democratic nation, the Ghanaian people, through the Parliament of Ghana and other democratic institutions such as the Council of Chiefs, have the sovereign right, as inshrigned in the 1992 constitution, to, among other things, decide how they want to live, guided by a widely accepted moral code of conduct.

Elsewhere, it is against their values to marry more than one wife and they have legislated against polygamy within their soil. No one is quarrelling with them. No one is saying that the rights of those consenting adults who wish to marry more than one wife are being trampled upon.

If the western world so understand the definition of democracy as given by one of their celebrated forefathers, Abraham Lincoln, why would they continue to intimidate the leaders of any country that decide to do the will of its people by legislating against LGBTQI?

If the western world so respect the rights of others as you continue to make the world believe, why do you have to intimidate countries and their leaders with sanctions? These countries, represented by their leaders, have the soreign right to make appropriate laws that are suitable for their societies. True/False?

Should the Anti-LGBTQ countries also start withdrawing their services to the Pro-LGBTQI countries? Make no mistake! No man is an island!! We live in an interdependent world!!! They need us as much as we need them.

The hypocrisy and double standards are too glaring.

The Parliament of Ghana is representative of its people as elected through a democratic process. The Speaker of Parliament echoes the voice and aspirations if Ghanaians, guided by the "majority carries the vote" democratic tenet.

The stand that the Speaker of the 8th Parliament of Ghana, The Rt. Hon. Alban S.K Bagbin, has taken on the LGBTQI matter is the stand of majority of Ghanaians. In fact, contrary to the CDD Ghana Afrobarometer report of 93%, my own independent checks indicate that over 98% of Ghanaians support the passage of the LGBTQI+ Bill into law. If anybody has reasons to disagree with this statistic, the person is free to conduct a fresh research.

Hon. Sam George and the other MPs are speaking the voices of the majority of people in their various constituencies who queued to vote for them.

Is the western world telling us that democracy is no longer by majority rule?

We elect leaders to be agents of development and gatekeepers of our norms and values as a people.

If any MP dare to vote against this bill, that will be his/her last term in office.

Let democracy prevail. Let Ghanaians exercise their sovereign right.

©James Anganmwini





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