09.10.2021 Opinion

The Sin Of The Ghanaian Law Student

By Daniel Nenebi Sackey
The Sin Of The Ghanaian Law Student
LISTEN OCT 9, 2021

I granted an interview on the unjustifiably and inexcusably illegal exclusion of the 449 law students who passed the 2021 law school entrance exam from the admission list at one of the national television stations in the country.

After the show, one of the people at the station(I don't know if he is a journalist, a member of the production team or perhaps he also came for a show at the station) walked to me and said "my brother, I share your pain but your only sin is that you are born a Ghanaian".

I smiled and left but since then, I kept thinking about the statement and I believe it's deeper than I initially comprehended.

This is a country where Lawyers are trained by a body (GLC) created by statute and such statutory body is supposed to be guided by article 23 of the 1992 constitution, the legal professions Act and the Legislative instrument (LI 2355).

This is an administrative body which comprises all the best legal brains in the country. In fact, I have had an unbridled love for the Attorney General since the day I met him. From the Chief Justice to the least member of the General Legal Council are all powerful legal brains.

However, they are the same people who are illegally and unfairly inflicting such serious punishments on the Ghanaian law student and you ask, what offence has the student committed?

Whenever this rhetorical question strikes my mind, the only answer which also keeps raising its head is that THE LAW STUDENT IS A GHANAIAN. That is the only sin of the Ghanaian law student.

Unconfirmed information making rounds has it that, the independent examination committee of the General Legal Council conducted the exam, marked the scripts and passed 1289 out of the 2824 students who sat the examination.

The General Legal Council realising that 500 of the students who sat the part one examination failed, decided to also trim the number of those who sat the law school entrance exams and this is how the 499 innocent students were denied admission even though they passed.

The Gambia law school was established in 2011 and without unfair restrictions, they keep admitting students from all over the continents and yet produce the best legal brains till date. This is only one example out of the many.

What I see happening in the nearest future is that the board of Legal education of the GLC will wake up one day and tell Ghanaians that, one must have six-packs or one must be born in the skies to gain admission into the law school.

The 499 students passed the 2021 law school entrance exam and they must be admitted.

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