Letter To The National Peace Council Through All Ghanaians

By Bright Amanful
Letter Letter To The National Peace Council Through All Ghanaians
OCT 4, 2021 LISTEN

Greetings to my fellow countrymen and all peace-loving people. Remember, God is good and His mercies endures forever.

It is very evident that the times we live in is so tempting as there are so many voices, vices, urges, and agendas that convinces people to trade our peace and national unity. I want to say emphatically that, our peace must not be circumstantial and should not be taken for granted under any circumstance at any time. Let us all be cautious to maintain our integrity even in an unnatural season such as this.

There is no doubt that a few elites and some politicians have and are robbing us of everything we have but that must not present an opportunity for us to rob ourselves too of our peace. Aside our lives and very essence, peace is the most important element we enjoy even before economic aspirations. Let’s all join hands and not endanger this but be strong and know that we will emerge stronger.

We must be mindful that actions not only have direct consequences but unintended effects which might be extremely expensive to risk.

Why do I say so, since the recent coups, riots and loots on the continent, there has been many predictions, incitements and rallying that should send strong signals to all institutions: National Peace Council, NCCE, Freedom Fighters/Crusaders, Traditional, Christian and Islamic Councils, House of Chiefs, Presidential Advisory Board, Citizens, Media, Executives (President and Cabinet), Parliamentarians, Judiciary, International Communities and all other actors of concern.

Resorting to a mutiny is not a necessary evil, it is a degenerating, barbaric, inhumane, uncivilized, deceptive and unacceptable behaviour to be tolerated in our society; It is a 1 - step forward, 100 - steps backwards event! It is an option for extremely weaker, evil and lowly esteemed individuals. (Amanful, 2021)

This continent and country GHANA have suffered enough and has an adventurous historical background that should be a yardstick to tell us of how far we have come and how tightly we must uphold democracy. It is just about time that we

revisit the tenets of democracy and make an assessment and see if the current practices are what we subscribed to. It is so unfortunate that, on the continent today, democracy is only relevant at the polls and we wear our autocratic boots right after elections. Today it is hard to say elections are free and fair. How can a free and fair process lead to deaths? Let’s open our textbooks, isn’t it defined to as ‘Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people?’ Wasn’t it also stated that checks and balances is at the core of democracy? Isn’t it also written that we are all equal before the law? Wasn’t there a role of decentralization and local governance? Which aspect of democracy gives cohorts of soldiers a parliamentary seat? If the need be, there must be a national dialogue with all relevant stakeholders to address major issues and heal our country for the position we have taken is misleading.

Leadership that is not relevant to the people is no leadership at all; It is autocracy in action(practice) but democracy on paper (Amanful, 2021)

I would also like to appeal to the great men of our time (all freedom fighters) to censor their speech and not be seen as instigators. Even as they are leading massive change, they must be cautious to lead an exemplary and sustainable change.

No quality of expected standard of living or economic freedom should warrant a single loss of life. Each citizen’s life is valuable and so therefore there must not be an element of tradeoff of life for emancipation. (Amanful, 2021)

It is of this same understanding our politicians must lead as expected. We must also empathize with our leaders at times given that they are human and we should only criticize constructively. Enough of the insults. Let bygones be bygones and let's all unite to heal our motherland collectively.

It is only sad that after 64 years of independence Youths are crying for their country to be fixed. They are begging for jobs! Our governments (both the failed NPP & NDC) must come to one understanding of the definition of sustainable and inclusive development and set a national agenda instead of the mere rhetoric of supreme partisan interests and individual whims and caprices. Our age (64) and natural resource capacity as we boast of internationally connotes that we should have outlived such basics by now. It is about time we create wealth for our people!

I also want to use this platform as a rare opportunity to remind the President of his infallible promise to the Ghanaian society: “The commitment we are making and which I want you all to make with me is that by the time we end our four- year term, Accra is going to be the cleanest city in Africa.” He should also begin the long-awaited decentralization process to empower local governance as well as the constitution overhaul. I want to believe that the first four years when he made these promises was short and that Ghanaians have entrusted him four more to do more. I am not bothered about the Ghana beyond aid or whatever was or is promised Ghanaians. As an emerging Engineer and student leader, I am very much interested in sanitation and I remain resolute that it may be a great move as it was the gateway for Rwanda’s success story. It is possible in Ghana also. Osagyefo’s Ghana is supposed to be the example and not a shithole!

In culmination, dear HONORABLE Peace Council members, please don’t give us the impression that your office is only relevant during elections else we will be quick to presume that you are the political machinery used by governments to silence us for our votes to be stolen during elections. Wake up and live to the true meaning of your creed. Also, kindly immunize yourselves from the order of the political business so that we the citizens will have confident in you whenever you call on us. Don’t allow to be baited into the web like the parliamentarians who have decided to be in bed with the executives, I mean to say ‘inseparable or in

close neighborhood with the presidency.’ You will have no credibility to protect by the time they are done with you. We want to trust you and we love you. Thank you and may God bless you all.

Bright Amanful (Ghanaian)

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