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What next for NABCO recruits as their training ends in October ?

By Stella Annan
What next for NABCO recruits as their training ends in October ?
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Pioneers of government's flagship job recruitment program it introduced during its first term the Nation Builders Corps(NABCO) are due to end their stipulated tenure in October.

Per the agreement stipulated prior to the commencement of the job recruitment program, government is supposed to absorb about 50% of the 97,000 NABCO trainees under the various modules which is Educate Ghana, Heal Ghana, Revenue Ghana, Digitise Ghana Enterprise Ghana and Civic Ghana to be employed permanently.

As their tenure on the employment program ends this October most of the trainees are uncertain of the permanent employment government promised them.

For Nana Asamoah who is a Member of the coalition of NABCO trainees, it will be traumatic not to employ them permanently to make use of the vast experience they have gathered all these years the were NABCO trainees so for now they are waiting on government.

To tackle the issue of unemployment among the youth in the country the Akufo-Addo led government established the Nation Builders Corps program on Tuesday, 1st May, 2018, which sort to employ, in that year alone, 100,000 young men and women to assist in the public sector service delivery needs of Ghana.

According to President Akufo-Addo, “NABCO will be the vehicle to deliver one hundred thousand (100,000) jobs in seven (7) prioritized areas, defined as the following modules: Educate Ghana; Heal Ghana; Feed Ghana; Revenue Ghana; Digitise Ghana; Enterprise Ghana; and Civic Ghana.”

This situation will largely determine how government wants to handle the unemployment situation whether its just a knee jerk approach where the youth is fixed somewhere to work for some time when they are done they join the unemployment train again or to see to it that they are actually employed.

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