25.09.2021 Feature Article

Is Mother Ghana Being Robbed, Blind In Plainsight In Broad Daylight?

Is Mother Ghana Being Robbed, Blind In Plainsight In Broad Daylight?
LISTEN SEP 25, 2021

Can a corruption-riddled emerging nation, dominated by super-ruthless élites beholden to powerful cabals of greed-filled big-thieves-in-high-places, who bankroll its biggest two political parties, ever cease being a global-power in begging-bowl-diplomacy, and be transformed into a prosperous and inclusive African democracy, which no longer requires foreign-aid, one wonders? Hmmmm, eyeasem, oooooo...

Furthermore, if the most effective and patriotic Auditor General that our country has ever had, since it gained its independence, in 1957, Mr. Yao Domelovo, can be shanghaied to go on leave, merely for a path to be cleared, to enable him to be eventually driven out of office, instead of being given prosecutorial powers; because he is regarded as public-nuisance-numero-uno, who cannot be bribed, by powerful individuals hell-bent on "Chopping Ghana small" (to use a Ghanaian Pidgin English phrase of infamy), how possibly can rampant public-sector-thievery, ever be curbed, I ask, in all humility? Hmmmm, Oman Ghana - eyeasem oooo...

And, finally, if even Ghana's boldest anti-corruption crusader (our fearless-paragon), the plain-speaking Citizen-Vigilante, Hon. Martin Amidu, Ghana's first Special Prosecutor, eventually came to the conclusion that those who came to power, after January 2017, and established the Office of Special Prosecutor, to purportedly end egregious-high-level corruption, were not actually serious about ending that dangerous canker slowly strangulating Mother Ghana to death, and thus threw in the proverbial white-towel, and resigned from his position, then has the time not now come to expose the hubristic-notion, of a Ghana beyond aid, for what it really is: a phantasmagorical-chimera, designed, and tailor-made, to cloak the most determined stealth-effort, ever made, to rob Mother Ghana blind, in plain sight, in broad daylight, since the 1992 Constitution was promulgated, and the 4th Republic came into being?

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