25.09.2021 Poem

The Nerdy Hole

25.09.2021 LISTEN
By  Abdul Rahman Odoi

O sunshine, bring me light
The earth has swallowed me
Its kings are feeding on me
I cannot see, talk or walk
My deeds are paralytic drunk
But I betook the right path too

O foggy cloud, bring me rain
The earth has swallowed me
Its stones are crashing on me
I'm getting baked, dry and dark
My family is blind to the woes
But I used to love them too 

O oak tree, bring me warmth
The earth has swallowed me
Its teeth is interlocking me
I'm stuffy, helpless and hopeless 
My body is reducing into ashes
But I used to keep you busy too

O sluggish sins, you caused this:
The earth has swallowed me
Its ego is arousing vendetta
I'm surrendering to this insurrection
The earth is acting arrogantly today
But I used to walk on it cruelly too

O fortunate soul, lend me your ears
The earth has swallowed me
It's using me to admonish you
The grave is grievously great
Ascribe none to the Creator
While buying yourself sometime too

@ Abdul Rahman Odoi

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