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Ghana can emulate Zimbabwe's strategy of fighting galamsey — Ghana Ambassador to Zimbabwe

Ghana can emulate Zimbabwe's strategy of fighting galamsey — Ghana Ambassador to Zimbabwe
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The High Commissioner Of Ghana to the Republic of Zimbabwe, Ambassador Alexander Grant Ntrakwa has recently revealed how Ghana can emulate Zimbabwe's illegal mining (galamsey) fight approach.

"The galamsey fight in Ghana has not been easy, as it has turned political, but we can still address it well with how Zimbabwe is handling theirs," Ambassador Alexander Grant Ntrakwa said in an interview with Ghanaian Blogger Kobby Kyei.

He noted that galamsey issues are not found in Ghana alone, but in some countries in Africa citing Zimbabwe as an example.

"Even the Galamsey Business we are having a challenge within Ghana, they have the same situation in Zimbabwe, but the way they have handled theirs is something that we can get it from," he stated.

The Ambassador stressed that Ghana can tap much knowledge from the way Zimbabwe handles its galamsey operations, with the help of a regulatory body.

He revealed that, a regulatory body takes care of the mining business in Zimbabwe, where after every activity, they make sure the land is usable again after they are been paid their royalties from the miners.

"In their case, they don't just give out the concessions to private individuals. They have a regulatory body that guides the allocation.

"In the process of allocating the sites to them, they have components in the form of royalties they pay to the regulatory body, so when they are done with the mining, it is the regulatory body's duty to see the land in concession, the regulators clean it up," he stated.

He continued, "They crush stones, but at the end of the day, they make sure that the regulatory body takes care of the land to be useful again.

"If Ghana is able to emulate this, our natural resources will be protected, revenue will be generated in the nation and jobs will be available for the jobless."

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