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Tragedy of Education in Liberia: The case of the University of Liberia (UL,)

By Mustapha N. Kanneh
Tragedy of Education in Liberia: The case of the University of Liberia (UL,)
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Education without good learning environment — conducive atmosphere—standard learning equipment is like building a house without solid foundation. Henceforward, it doesn't promote meaningful learning experiences that produce high level performing students with sharp critical thinking and leadership skills. Rather it breeds mediocre students who can not compete with their colleagues in the sub-region and around the African Continent. Hence, a university i.e the macrocosm of the hybrid society is not just a place for dispensing knowledge or cramping ideas. It is a place for teaching, breeding, searing, regimenting, enlightening, training and transforming conscious men and women into unyielding patriots in environments that revolves around decency, healthiness, vitality and modernity. Modernisation not westernization!

As it stands, with the current deformed state of the University of Liberia which lies in the ruins of filthiness, uncleanliness, dirtiness and the kaput-demoded infrastructure of the campuses of the University of Liberia, has all but rendered it unfit to be called a learning institution least considered higher learning institution, and cannot be compared to any of its compeers in West Africa whether Legon University of Ghana, Fourah Bay College of Sierra Leone or Felix Houpouët-Boigny of Côte D' Ivoire. The University lacks physical platforms (traditional classrooms, labs, zoos, lecture theaters etc.), technological infrastructures (internet/WiFi network, computers etc.), energy supply (electricity, solar system etc.) and healthy environs (bathrooms, cafeteria, dormitory etc.)— these and many more which have disqualified the University of Liberia from being considered a proper/functioning learning institution.

With these basic requirements including cultural and psychological barriers which not limited to the aforementioned of a good learning facility that are lacking at the University of Liberia, its administrators/operators yet "basks in arrogance" as the ruling establishment of the state (CDC Regime). The university mismanagement is same as the state under this Blue Man from the south-east regime, deplorable state — deplorable university and vice-versa. Under Mr. Weah the university just as the state is in free fall.

In lieu of the deplorable condition of the university yoke with salary disparities accrued from the snakebite harmonization of Tweah, consistent salary delay, deficit medical-pension and social security benefits, the University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA) unanimously voted on Friday (September 16, 2021) to disengage from all academic activities which was greeted with indignation and disdain from the student community from all walks of life — on the campuses of the university and the social media which predict the odds that trouble looms over the university.

Besides, the oldest mass-based student political party on the campuses of the University of Liberia, the Vanguard Student Unification Party had issued several press statements calling on the University Authority and the Government of Liberia to renovate/fix the University of Liberia — a campaign which have received popular appeal on social media but it seems that all our calls pulled no shot owing to the 'arrogance' of the Government of Liberia and the University Authority. However, it seems that the decision by the Faculty Association if backed by the students will be the last stroll that would break the arrogant camels backs for 'history poses no problem without solution'.

As the moon turns full cycle bringing Sunday to doss, the coming days are certainly going to be moments of revolutionary history-making if care is not taken. May history not despise our generation. Until it is Uhuru, SUP remains supreme!

About the Author: Mustapha N. Kanneh is a Senior Student at the University of Liberia studying Economics. He is the current Secretary General of the Student Unification Party (SUP). He can be reached at [email protected]

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