19.09.2021 Feature Article

How Is Integrity Part Of The Journey?

How Is Integrity Part Of The Journey?
19.09.2021 LISTEN

Integrity is the ability to stand by an idea in truth, principle and unrelenting commitment. Largely, integrity is a product of a process keenly and deliberately pursued irrespective of challenges. It is never an event. It may take decades to build integrity.

Conversely, integrity can be destroyed within seconds. It is the more reason why everyone must develop integrity and guard same even at the last drop of your blood. A man without integrity is an overly drank man who stumbles around unconsciously. He knows no shame and see good and bad as normal. His thoughts and dreams are those that unfairly undermine others for his own gains.

As young people, we ought to be mindful of the journey we are pursuing. It is a long but thorny journey. Much of integrity is needed not half way but the entire journey. If we do not make that conscious effort to hold on to integrity, we cannot get it by luck or magic. Our decisions must be reflective of this fundamental believe and principle of staying in the lane of integrity and its associated and ancillary attributes.

As contained in the definition, integrity does not exist in isolation, it is an amalgamation of many other virtuous attributes. You must be truthful, honest, principled, committed, rational and consistent! Be true to yourself, be true to the world and pursue truth in your conscience.

Have a lovely weekend.

If you say a prayer, remember to say one for me for the world is just a complex route to meander. But with extra efforts, and by the grace of God, we shall overcome!

Denis Andaban

The village Boy from DBI