21.10.2001 Feature Article

Don't Commuters Deserve Some Respect?

By Press
Don't Commuters Deserve Some Respect?
LISTEN OCT 21, 2001

by Ebo Quansah Any of Ghana's commuting public could prefer he relative comfort that the taxi service offers: more leg space, less cramming and relative tidiness. But the incomes of most Ghanaians cannot afford this "luxury". Thus they are compelled to go for the less expensive option - the trotros. Trotros are generally less expensive but they come with other costs the traveller must bear. Truth is, it sometimes can be very costly.
The costs manifest in diverse forms; the makeshift and often poorly fabricated seats the passenger has to perch on are a pain in the neck. The passenger may be content even on a makeshift seat if he or she could sit comfortably. But alas, the drivers and mates cram passengers on the seats with rusty and dangerous edges waiting to have a go at the poor commuters clothing and skin. The eyes and nose of the commuter are not spared either. The passenger has to hold up his nose because of the stench of these vehicles and shut his mind from the dirty surroundings.
It is not uncommon to run into "mates" who may try to overcharge or deliberately withhold the passenger's change. Besides all these, commuters may have the ride of their lives with the dangerous maneuvers the driver may do with his rickety and poorly maintained vehicle.
The commuter dares not complain. If he or she gathers the courage to speak up, a rude "mate" and driver hit back. Sadly, sometimes, fellow passengers prod the "mate" and driver.
Its time for those in charge of the transport service to look seriously at what the Ghanaian commuting public goes through.
One is tempted to believe that the Ghana Road Transport Union (GPRTU) is only concerned with how to increase fares. They only find their voices when there has to be a price increase in their fares.
If not why have they not gotten their members to improve the quality of service they render to the commuting public. Would Gbedemah and his people sit up?

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