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Age of regulated human mind

Age of regulated human mind
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UK based TV broadcaster ITV fired one journalist (Piers Morgan) voicing his mind about the Oprah Winfrey interview with the Duch and Duchess of Sussex. Ofcom, the UK telecommunications regulator established (01.09.2021) that the journalist had used his right of "Freedom of Speech".

At schools in developed countries, teachers are restricted to speak their minds as they feel appropriate to assist their pupils to grow or be disciplined. Pupils at a young age know their rights, not shying away to complain to the teacher/lecturer when using strong words.

In most western countries same-sex marriage is legal even never been scrutinised before legislation by nationwide referendums are not welcomed by all people. Even in Germany, the language rules were changed including the female form of words and neutral form as the third sex (diverse) got included in the handling of words, again decided by politicians with no referendum before undertaken. Pressure groups were successful to achieve this shift in society.

Freedom of Speech must be seen in the light of the rights of others. In Germany to deny Holocaust or propagate violence against the political system and people is a criminal act. When " Freedom of Speech" is used to harm financially, emotionally and factually the integrity of a person or organisation it is punishable in various ways.

Freedom of Speech in everyday circumstances including moral values and political convictions have become an endangered species. Advanced democracies try to make their societies even more inclusive for minority groups clashing with mainstream ideas and established world views. A diverse conviction based on religious and other moral values and grounds clash with each other creating a constant basis for discussion as time is moving on.

The increased number of moral values clash with each others to the extent people keep their mouths shut afraid to be insulted by sharing their inner values and minds. Some groups gain more "Freedom of Speech" which limits the same right of others. The respectful and open discussion of values helps societies to develop progressively and positively.

A society has to agree on laws and it is expected every citizen respects the decision finalised by the majority of established based on pressure groups. Laws do not have power over the hearts and minds of people only about their actions and voiced concerns.

In a society in which citizens gossip to the extent, others get distracted from focusing on their future and the one of their society misuse the human right "Freedom of Speech" so need to be restricted in what they do.

It is about time we return back to the good common sense which mankind had enjoyed over time.

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