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Pray for Kumawu, all ye concerned people

Pray for Kumawu, all ye concerned people
LISTEN SEP 1, 2021

Kumawu, my place of birth, is surely bewitched by the devil since the past four or more decades. And, the devil in this write-up does not in any way refer to that rebellious angel chucked out of heaven onto the earth to become Mr Satan or Devil, the wicked tormentor of humanity. The devil in my mind in regard to this publication is that group of human beings committing various acts of inhumane behaviours leading to the visitations of evil upon Kumawu and its satellite towns and villages.

Many years ago, about thirty thereabouts, a Kumawu citizen went insane. He resorted to digging up freshly-buried human bodies, chopped them up, took them home, cooked them and ate. He did this for a while until one day when he needed help to carry a body he had dug up, moved it to about four hundred metres away from the Kumawu cemetery.

The load was too heavy for him to lift onto his head alone. He needed help. When he called for assistance, little did those going to offer him the needed help know that the cocoa bag he needed help to carry contained human body. When they got to where the bag was, those responding to his distress call, found human limbs sticking out of the bag.

Alarm was sounded. He had a proper hiding, although he was not arrested. What could be done to a mad person except to send him to the mental hospital at Ankaful.

As I write, there is another mad man in Kumawu who moves between the villages at night when everyone is sleeping. He visits the cemeteries. Recently, he has dug up the complete human bones of someone buried in one of the cemeteries; which one, I can’t tell.

This incident was captured on camera recording by Kessben radio and television. I have it on my WhatsApp as I write.

Why are these devilish incidents happening to Kumawu, my adorable place of birth? What have Kumawu people done wrong to deserve these awkward jaw-dropping devilish incidents happening in Kumawu?

Are the elders of Kumawuman cowardly supporting the illegalities in perpetration and perpetuation by Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II against Kumawuman not be a contributory factor to the incidents befalling Kumawu? Could the gods, ancestors and the rivers not be furious at the cowardice of the people in the face of daring infringements of Kumawu traditions and customs by Asantehene contrary to prevailing conventions?

Why is he allowed to meddle in Kumawu chieftaincy affairs to the point of imposing a puppet royal of his choice on Kumawu as their paramount chief? Who gave him that authority, as ceremonial head of the Asante Kingdom (Asanteman) as he is?

Kumawu in the midst of plenty is hungry for jobs for her youth hence some going mad and doing the unthinkable.

Is Asantehene usurping the lands of Kumawu with intent to give them to his Kumasi division for good; encroaching upon Kumawu stool lands, feeding from them and scheming to harm a true royal of same descendancy as Barima Tweneboa Kodua I, the originator of the Kumawu Kodua Stool, not amount to breach of agreement? What were the requests made by Barima Tweneboa Kodua I before offering himself as sacrificial lamb to save the Asante Kingdom from defeat at the hands of their most powerful enemy, Nana Ntim Gyakari of Denkyira?

Is his deplorable attitude not angering the ancestors, the gods and the rivers hence the problems Kumawuman is going through – madness, exhumation and consumption of dead bodies?

No, Kumawuman must not continue to linger in cowardice with its attendant madness and subjugation of people by the crafty Asante overlord.

Cowardice by the elders coupled with Asantehene’s meddling in Kumawu chieftaincy affairs, stealing Kumawu stool lands and arrogating the powers of Kumawu to himself, are all the causes of the problems facing Kumawuman and her subjects.

The earlier the people realise their mistakes and correct them, much the better for themselves and Kumawuman.

Pray that Kumawu will find the root cause of their problem, correct it, then pursue things without fear or favour. Kumawu must not linger in the shadow of Asantehene or Kumasi.

Rockson Adofo

Wednesday, 1st September 2021

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