31.08.2021 Nigeria

Intervention of the CJN: A Stitch in time - APC

By Nwaorgu Faustinus || Nigeria
Intervention of the CJN: A Stitch in time - APC
31.08.2021 LISTEN

The All Progressives Congress in Rivers State has hailed the Chief Justice of Nigeria for stepping in to arrest the drift in the judiciary, following the indiscriminate sale of restraining orders by judges to politicians.

The party's Spokesman, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke, said in his reaction, that the decision of the CJN and the leadership of the NBA over forms of judicial abuse has come at the right time.

"We believe that the intervention of the CJN and the Nigerian Bar Association on the side of truth, as a result of the horrifying manipulation of the judiciary by members of the political class, has come at the right time.

"Unfortunately, the judicial arm in Rivers State and other judicial arms across the country have transformed into shopping centres where questionable and frivolous injunctions are auctioned at will.

"The invitation extended to some high ranking judicial officers by the CJN has proved the point that the APC in Rivers State has been making.

"It is good that the CJN and the NBA have decided to halt the ease with which some judges are descending into the arena of justice.

"On our part, we think that the urgent steps taken to arrest the drift by the Bar and the Bench are commendable. This noble decision, in our view, has been long in coming.

"Pliant judges in our system who are being used to undermine the political process, and desecrate the integrity of the court should note that the game is up.

"There are searchlights everywhere and recent moves that are being made by the judiciary to rediscover itself only proves there is no hiding place for erring judges, going forward.

"It is our hope that all men of goodwill who care about the future of our great country will support the effort to free the judiciary from the claws of selfish politicians who are desirous to truncate democracy."

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