The Writer’s Creed

By Abdul Rahman Odoi
Poem The Writers Creed
AUG 31, 2021 LISTEN

Let the writer hit his chest

And hone his vainglory 

And say he’s not of God

Like we will seize his pen 

And will put mud into it

And will make it strike him

And when he falls down

And later regains himself

We will call him to book

And we will put it to him

And he will but confess 

That whatever he writes

Are good ideals before him

And inspiration(s) from Above

Which flood his mind’s eye

And not by his lone proficiency

So let the writer build in peace 

And write with good conscience 

And heal wounds and patch souls 

And with that he walks humbly


Poem by yours only,

Abdul Rahman Odoi

Copyright Reserved©️2021


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