30.08.2021 Feature Article

In Ghana today, if you are not killed by road accident, armed robbers will cut your life short

Road accident in Ghana, photo credit: Ghana media
LISTEN AUG 30, 2021
Road accident in Ghana, photo credit: Ghana media

In Ghana, two things that can terminate your life prematurely are road accidents and the activities of armed robbers. Road accidents continue to claim the lives of Ghanaians daily, while armed robbery has also increased in many parts of the country.

About twenty years ago, it’s very rare to hear of armed robbery in Ghana but today, armed robbers have emerged in every part of the country, killing, robbing, and terrorizing the lives of the people. Many Ghanaians live in fear due to armed robbers.

Firstly, we need to find out why armed robbery has significantly increased in Ghana? In my opinion, the lack of education and unemployment are two factors attributing to crime and violence in Ghana.

Imagine in Ghana, many educated people still have no jobs, therefore, what do you expect from those without any education at all to provide them something in life? Some will engage in the armed robbery as the only means to survive.

Another important issue is many armed robbers after serving time in prisons; go back to the old trade because they have nothing meaningful to do. They say the devil has work for idle hands.

The Increase Of Armed Robbery In Ghana

What are the causes of road accidents in Ghana? Being once a commercial driver in Accra and Cape Coast, what I observed so far as soon as I failed my driving test twice in Belgium is, Ghanaians don’t obey or take road safety into consideration.

Ghanaians in Belgium know how hard it is to get a driving license. Some can fail seven times before they pass the eighth test to get their driving licenses.

I nearly gave up when I failed twice because I knew my second test was perfect enough to secure my European driving lenience but I was told the test wasn't good enough. I agreed, did the test again, and passed. This involves a lot of money.

Meanwhile, I used to be very proud that I got my first driving license in Ghana on December 5, 1976. It doesn't matter the number of years you are driving in Ghana, you can fail your test many times in Europe.

Apart from the bad roads in Ghana, many streets have no lights; therefore, driving during the night isn’t only difficult but also quick to get an accident. Broken down vehicles are sometimes left in the middle of roads, leading to ghastly road accidents.

I have written a few articles suggesting measures that can reduce road accidents in Ghana, under the title “Make Ghana Roads Safe With Belgium Road Safety Plan, Why Night Travel In Ghana Is Often Dangerous and How Safe It Is To Ride A Bicycle In Ghana? Published by ModernGhana news.

Since Ghanaian roads lack warning signs and security monitory camera’s to reduce unnecessary speeding, many Ghanaians drivers actually don’t know where it is suitable for 30, 50, 80, or 90 kilometers. The drivers speed everywhere, including heavily built residential areas.

I will suggest to the Ghanaian government if they are not yet ready to make the roads larger, they must provide street lights and adequate road warning signs. They are two effective measures to reduce road accidents.

And about armed robbers, the Ghanaian government can give them a second life after serving time in prison by giving them training through special programs to learn carpentry, mason, auto repairs, and other jobs, to reduce crime in our society.

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