28.08.2021 Feature Article

We must take the fight against crime more seriously by putting it on a war footing

We must take the fight against crime more seriously by putting it on a war footing
LISTEN AUG 28, 2021

Our leaders need to take the vital-task of fighting crime more seriously. It ought to be put on a war-footing. Full stop. Case closed. Sadly, we still don't get it. What we now need to fight the criminal-types terrorising Ghanaians, is the creation of a fourth armed service, to add to the existing three armed services of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), to be known as the Ghana Homeland Force.

The Ghana Homeland Force ought to be created by merging the Ghana Police Service, the Ghana Prison Service, the Ghana National Fire Service, the Ghana Immigration Service, as well as all former and present-day NYE Community Police Assistants (who in fairness deserve to gain automatic entrance regardless of age), who must be retrained, to gain entry into the Ghana Homeland Force.

The money saved by such a merger, will make more resources available to the GHF - and enable it to make use of the latest cutting-edge technologies: to underpin its operations nationwide, with a national Command Centre, Regional and District Command Centres.

Their personnel will have the same pay and conditions of service currently enjoyed by their counterparts in the GAF. Making extensive use of drones is a must. Ditto troop-carrying helicopters to enable the quick deployment of units to trouble spots and locations where reported ongoing crimes have come from, 24/7.

Above all, since many criminals now routinely execute those they attack, by shooting them dead, with the powerful weapons most now carry, because they are often high on drugs, the time has now come for Parliament to do the right thing, if Ghana is to remain a mostly peaceful and safe country, for the law-abiding.

We must now ensure that the right to life, of law-abiding-folk, nationwide, is put ahead of all the rights of criminals, who carry guns, by the passage of new laws that will indemnify all GHF personnel, when formed, who kill criminals, who threaten their lives, while carrying out their operational duties.

We must end the molly-coddling of hardened criminals that is resulting in the callous murder of ordinary people, across our homeland Ghana, and endangering the lives of personnel of today's Ghana Police Service, on a daily basis. Enough is enough. We must take the fight against crime more seriously - by putting it on a war-footing. Full stop. Haaba.

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