23.08.2021 Feature Article

Ghana's public purse in very serious danger!!

Ghana's public purse in very serious danger!!
23.08.2021 LISTEN

Indeed, the 2020 Auditor General's report, makes it loud and clear that Ghana's public purse is in very serious danger.

The most important thing in Ghana today, that needs to be protected, with all our might and with all seriousness is, nothing else, but Ghana's public purse. But the question is, how many Ghanaians are prepared to die for the protection of the said purse?

Without money, Ghana will be on its kneels and supply of goods and services will all come to a standstill.

Money is just like the human blood. Without blood, the human body will die. Hence, every Ghanaian should do everything within his or her power, to make sure that Ghana's public purse is heavily, jealously, and genuinely protected.

As a nation, if we refuse to rise up to protect the public purse, what may happen is that 5% of the citizens will be fabulously rich and the rest of the citizens, will find it very difficult to make ends meet. The consequences of such an unfortunate situation, will never auger well for every human being in Ghana.

Ghana is probably the most favoured country in the world, but because majority of Ghanaians are not fighting enough, to genuinely protect our public purse, Ghana is now like a beggar, begging on the street for survival.

In view of the above misery that has befallen Ghana, I would like to plead with all Ghanaians, to quickly put a stop to the too much noise on the GHC 230 billion that the current ruling government has borrowed, for almost the past 5 years, on behalf of Ghana and seriously demand statement of accounts, for all the loans it has contracted on behalf of Ghanaians.

I would also like to appeal to all Ghanaians to see the need for the formation of National Movement for the protection of Ghana's public purse, to enable Ghana to embark on rapid socio-economic development, which can bring about equitable distribution of the national cake.

In the light of the urgency in forming the above movement, I would like to humbly propose the following, if possible:

1.The National Movement for the protection of Ghana's public purse, should be made up of two (2) representatives from some, if not all, the recognized bodies in Ghana. Our market queens should not be excluded from the said movement.

2. The Movement should have office in all our district capitals to monitor our public funds.

3. The Movement should draw up its own guidelines for the protection of the nation's public purse.

4. The Movement should have access to every information that can assist it perform its core mandate, (protection of the public purse) without any impediment, such as paying of fees, etc.

5. The Movement should have access to how funds, sent to the various state institutions, ministries and the seat of government are spent.

6. The Movement should update the public on its activities and give the necessary recommendations to the public and the powers that be.

7. The movement should have access to how funds, meant for the defense of Ghana, are spent. Hence, the system of shrouding the finances of the ministry of defence in secrecy, should be abrogated. This is because, there is no way we can get sinless people to manage the finances of the ministry of defence.

The advantages of the public knowledge of the finances of the ministry of defence, will by all means outweigh its disadvantages.

The public knowledge of the finances of the said ministry, will never bring Ghana on its kneels, it is rather, those who may hide behind the said secrecy and shortchange Ghanaians, that can bring Ghana on her kneels and probably cause Ghana to collapse on the head of each one of us, as it happened to our forefathers and foremothers of Old Ghana.

8. The Movement should draw up a strategy to solicit funds from Ghana and outside Ghana, to run its offices, so that it does not rely on a ruling government for its survival. In view of this, the Movement should embark on vigorous public education, to help the public understand and appreciate its activities.

9. The Movement should solicit legal advice from retired judges, in its endeavors.

10. The Movement, on behalf of the general public, should always push for the prosecution of the nation's saboteurs, to enable Ghana, liberate herself from all those, who have managed to hijack her and profiting from her resources to the detriment of majority of Ghanaians.

My dear country men and women let's bear in mind that our partisan politics is such that, there is no way an Auditor General in office, can indict the one who appointed him or her. Hence, let us all reflect deeply on my proposals and do all that is possible, to protect the public purse, for the good of all of us.

Written by Rev. Fr. Ignatius James Yaw Amponsah

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