Church of Night

By Waterz Yidana 
Poem Church of Night
AUG 21, 2021 LISTEN

Oh my beloved

You've not been absent

From our minds and hearts, but for theirs

You are

Mother sisters and the rest

Gladdens were their hearts, it was a dream Come true

How come it eluded you? 


You won't listen the dirges of my plea

Never found any way to articulate the love

A ritual of a kind

Perhaps to pay a price or 

A coven's request 

For that to happen, pop had to wither 

Or pass, then you...


At his funeral

Drunk up was your blood

It wasn't the cries

Forgive me, I misconstrued 

The foe was your sweet Comfort

By now you know, the causer of the sores

In the hearts till the worse...


A huge trust given to your birthgiver

And sis, not even a teardrop

Such ugliness may have caused the sever 

With pop

Pussyfoot to blast hopes and blight lives

Like the church of night...


But for our little infinity 

And how you set eternity in my heart

I'll forever honour you

She forced to make things hard...


But I'm harder

She's the loser for the unhealed hurt

Is healed 

And we're free at last


By Waterz Yidana 



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