Oh, Is Common Sense Eluding Ghanaians?

Feature Article Oh, Is Common Sense Eluding Ghanaians?
AUG 18, 2021 LISTEN

With the greatest respect, I would like to plead with Ghanaians to permit me ask the following question: oh, is common sense eluding Ghanaians?

Indeed, I am asking this painful question, simply because, I find it extremely difficult to comprehend why, Ghanaians are helplessly looking on for the President of our beloved country, Ghana, to decide to embark on his Agenda111 (building new hospitals), when we already have several abandoned uncompleted district and regional hospitals in the bush, some rotting away.

With all due respect, are Ghanaians not able to see that allowing the abandoned uncompleted district and regional hospitals to rot away, amounts to nothing else, but brutal abuse of the public purse?

Do we not care about our nation, that is why, we are all looking on helplessly and allowing our President to do such a disserve to Ghana?

Why is the President not completing the existing uncompleted district and regional hospitals, before tackling new ones? Could someone please, assist me understand why, we are all looking on helplessly for our President to do the unthinkable?

For the sake of our own good and the good of our future generation, I would like to plead with all our Traditional Leaders, Civil Society Organizations and the Leadership of the Religious Bodies in Ghana, to rise up and put every reasonable pressure on our President, to complete all the abandoned uncompleted hospitals and chip compounds, before going ahead with his Agenda 111.

If our President ignores the above -named bodies, they should write to Parliament to impeach him, for brutally abusing our public purse, to serve as deterrent to our political class.

If Parliament refuses to act on the request of the said recognized bodies, Ghanaians should pour on the street to embark on a peaceful demonstration, to give ultimatum to our President, to step down, as a way of demonstrating to the political class that it should not think the citizens do not have teeth in their mouth to bite, when it becomes very necessary.

If it becomes necessary for Ghanaians to pour on the streets to demand the resignation of the President, I would like to plead with the military, police and other security operatives, not to do anything to intimidate any of the citizens, but rather, give them the maximum protection, that will enable them get our President out of office peacefully, so that somebody else can take up the mantle for rapid socio - economic development of Ghana, our Motherland.

Written by

Rev. Fr. Ignatius James Yaw Amponsah

[email protected]