The COVID impunity persists

By ModernGhana
Editorial The COVID impunity persists
AUG 18, 2021 LISTEN

The rising number of COVID cases in the country is not attracting the desired attention from both the authorities and the populace.

In this edition there is a worrying story about the rising cases of the pandemic in the Volta Region. The same story can be said about the other hotspots in the country.

We might not be at par with the countries posting higher number of cases and mortalities, our relative high figures under the circumstances must trigger the appropriate action.

The presidential protocols are still not being adhered to and we want to bring the rising numbers under control?

That cannot be achieved with our attitude towards the pandemic. The number of COVID skeptics has not depreciated and this too is accounting for the non-adherence to the protocols. Those who still ask whether there is still pandemic are still walking the streets.

In New Zealand a few cases noted a few days ago after a six month lull has witnessed an immediate snap lockdown which as the Prime Minister noted is the best thing to do.

So when are we going to see law enforcement agents descending upon those breaching the protocols. Perhaps they have not been given a go-ahead to do so.

We would be far away from achieving a total adherence when no measures are unfolded to compel people to do apply the protocols.

Social activities are still going on with nose masks not being put on as though there is nothing at stake. The National Commission For Civic Education (NCCE) and other relevant agencies have a major role to play in educating the public about what is at stake. That is where their mandate ends.

They do not have the authority of enforcement. It is only the police and the MMDCEs which have such authority. Unfortunately we are yet to see such action from them.

Enforcing the protocols would have not been necessary had most Ghanaians come to terms with the reality of the situation we are in now.

In a previous commentary we solicited the involvement of faith establishments in ensuring that the protocols are adhered to.

Although these bodies are doing their best in this regard as they ensure that their flocks social distance and wash their hands we expect them to also educate them about the importance of the subject under review. We wish to add that they invite medical workers to talk to their members.

Much has not been done in the area of educating the people about the importance of social distancing, washing hands and sanitizing same.

With a fresh wave of vaccination ongoing across the country we encourage all who have not done so already to proceed to the inoculation centres for their jabs.

The government's gesture in walking its talk of procuring more vaccines towards attaining a herd vaccination status is commendable.

Non-availability of vaccines should no longer be excuse for people not getting the jabs.

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