Laugh out loud

By Waterz Yidana 
Poem Laugh out loud
AUG 18, 2021 LISTEN

My heart is choked and sored

From deadly wounds and made my hope


No more light in my dark

Life's infirmities took much of my coins 

And the miseries became a mystery


Never thought one was cut from 

A different cloth...

The weight of the pain is heavy 

And has burdened the soul

Nobody hears the cries at night, at dawn 


Abraham Lincoln

Mark Twain, even Ernest Hemingway 

Who are far from my color bear me 


They, only, can comprehend the hurts

They led the way...


What do I do

End myself or cry out loud

Maybe laugh out loud and watch till it fades

Lost many, failed yet no mark to show 

Some ask for favors, they don't know the pain


Am I not far from the still

Deserted room

Where Hannah spent 40 nights alone

Lasting grey with hurts


By Waterz Yidana 



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