10.08.2021 Feature Article

Will Nkrumah's Ghana Survive The Myriad Of Challenges It Currently Faces?

Will Nkrumah's Ghana Survive The Myriad Of Challenges It Currently Faces?
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As a committed Nkrumahist and pan-Africanist, I am firm in my belief that no matter what is thrown, at it, Nkrumah's Ghana will survive and thrive - regardless of the myraid of challenges it faces currently. No question. Ghana is the Black race's best hope for restoring our true place in the world - as an example of a peace-loving and welcoming melting-pot society: full of happy and aspirational people blessed with endless creative-energy. Cool.

  • Do we not have some of the world's best green entrepreneurs, such as the Eugene Kofi Boakye-Yiadoms of Legon Botanical Gardens fame, I ask - and is it not the case that virtually all of them have been creating wealth, which remains locally, as well as generating fulfilling and sustainable jobs, over the years (and still are, incidentally, even as we speak), without any creative-interventionist-support, from governments-of-the-day, for decades?

    As someone who is never dispirited - and constantly seeks opportunities, from what others regard as disasters, one is fed up to the backteeth, with the confidence-destroying negativity, of those who think that our still-beautiful country, is doomed. That negative-belief is utter rubbish. Ghana has a very bright future ahead of it, indeed.

  • With the greatest respect, we must discourage the gloom-riddled discouragers-in-our-midst, at home and abroad, from infecting Mother Ghana's beautiful African-soul, with their endless-negativity. Such clever folk must be told to the face that Ghana is not an African nation jam-packed with lazy, corrupt and dishonest lying-thieves

    Furthermore, despite its many challenges, our nation is neither a basket-case, nor is it a banana republic. Haaba. In any case, speaking personally, knowing what I know, for example, I am 100 percent certain that Ghana will be eventually successfully transformed. That dramatic societal-sea-change, will occur, within the next decade. For sure. Full stop.

    And, wonder of wonders, it will turn our homeland Ghana, into a wealthy African global-economic-superpower - in which the citizenry live extremely well - by all global quality-of-life metrics. It will all be fully-funded from the unimaginable wealth generated by the clean power invention, of a Ghanaian engineering genius, I happen to be friends with.

    Finally, as a patriot who passionately loves his still-very-beautiful nation, I shall end this piece, by saying this: May God Almighty bless, protect and guide Mother Ghana: and may all the doom-mongers, amongst us, at home and abroad, be shamed - for wallowing in their never-ending dispiriting-negativity. Some of us refuse to join them in their constant-mud-bathing. Enough is enough. Nkrumah's famed-Ghana will survive and thrive. Full stop. Haaba.

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