07.08.2021 Feature Article

Hate, Hypocrisy and Lies, Don’t Develop a Country, They Destroy a Country

Hate, Hypocrisy and Lies, Don’t Develop a Country, They Destroy a Country
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Ghana's national flag represents unity
One of the reasons I opposed the building of a Cathedral in Ghana is that there are thousands of churches and mosques in the country, yet no one can see their impact on Ghanaians. Moreover, our schools, hospitals, and several institutions in the country need upliftment.

I think there are atheists that are very good people than many Ghanaians that claim to be Muslims and Christians. I have never seen a country besides Ghana, which hates the truth so much.

They know that you are speaking the truth, yet people will attack you. Look at Ghana at the moment, everything has fallen apart and people are suffering, yet, there are others telling us that Ghana is far better today than the time of John Mahama.

Why are we treating ourselves with this dishonesty? Where are we heading to as God-fearing people? Why are people fighting the truth because of tribalism and hate?

Tribalism and division don’t develop a country, it is hard work, therefore, those promoting hate in Ghana, based on tribalism, will reap what they are sowing at the right time.

Until we are called to rest peacefully in our graves, the fight against lies, hypocrisy, and hate, shall continue without an end because the truth is powerful than darkness.

How can a country like Ghana, with so many resources experiencing such difficulties? The answer is simple because many Ghanaians, including some tribalistic bigots in the Diaspora, promote lies, tribalism, and hate, in the country.

Until the dust of hate settles, people will see how Ghana has totally collapsed as a nation and no political party can bring back the country and people to lead normal lives.

Since when the rain falls, it doesn’t fall on one man’s house, the next generation, including your children and great-grandchildren, will reap the evil seeds unpatriotic Ghanaians are sowing today.

These are not my words if you claim to be religious, you know where to find them in the Holy Koran and the Bible.

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