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The Next Frontier - Part 8

Theater Play in three acts
The Next Frontier - Part 8
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African Black Man`s wife: "You mean the old story goes round and round again. when they face democracy the noise is just too much. why do their repeat and repeat the same mistake? When will they wise up? I mean by now they should be wise enough to see behind the words of the political candidates and know they cannot be trusted. Much is promised, much is paid for by loans and loans from here to entertain them until next election comes."

African Black Man: "I also do not understand these young folks. They are exposed to the wide world, can see with a click of a button what we have achieved here and how we handle issues here. These can match with what leaders say or candidates that want to become leaders. When I compare the White Man`s society to ours I see the White Man has started somewhere, got up and down depending on decisions made by their leaders. One is for certain overtime the White Man has made it up in a powerful line."

African Black Man`s wife: "While we Blacks go up, down, up, down and up and down again around the same level of achievement."

African Black Man: "Only a few of us when surrounded with the spirit of the white man in the white man`s territory...they can make it to the top. But when and as of now we are here on earth only left alone among ourselves the spirit of the white man is not challenging us to greatness. We seem to fall back into the old format that we have known so well for generations long time gone. Our neighbour is not our lover but our competitor for our success. Pulling him down seems to us as the best option to progress in life."

African Black Man`s wife: "Progress? You mean to fight for the little, little and pitty, pitty happiness we encounter and feel for a short while never lasting beyond our mind and dead before our children can raise to enjoy our success and build on it."

African Black Man`s wife: "That is truly sad. I still hear the voices from Africa, Africa of the past and present, that people must have a changed mind and must fix their attitude."

African Black Man: "I hear the same voices at nights in my dreams."

African Black Man`s son: "Daddy and Mummy...I hear the same voices at nights also and was always wondering whether or not they would be silenced on the day or haunt us always."

African Black Man`s wife: "My son...I have bad news for you. The truth of the matter is as long as we are alone here and the spirit of the white man is not around to enlighten us... I fear that you and your children and children will still hear these voices. Coups to overthrow Governments will never go away from generation to generation."

African Black Man`s son: "But Daddy...Daddy I do not want to hear these voices at night. In my dreams I want to see a better world...a world full of wonders...a paradise... ."

African Black Man: "My son...we live in the paradise the white man has created for himself and we enjoy it, right?"

African Black Man`s son: "Yes, Daddy...yes, I know what you mean...but Daddy I see...and I hear... ."

African Black Man: "What you see is never the truth. The truth about life is not by what you see, it is by what you think and out of your thinking you see the truth in the world."

African Black Man`s son: "When I see... ."

African Black Man: "What did I just teach you, my son?"

African Black Man`s son: "When I think and wish for a better world...and a world that is more beautiful as it is today...I cannot ignore the facts that my eyes can see around me and my hands can touch. I mean, Daddy, please teach me and forgive me...I see workplaces today, I even can touch the desk of Managers and Secretaries...and when I pass by like the other day last week...these desks are gone, no more. How can I not feel the pain of the lost desk?"

African Black Man: "Jobs come and go...that is nothing special. What is no longer needed has to die and new jobs emerge from another corner of our territory, my son."

African Black Man`s son: "Yes, Daddy...I try to understand you. But, please do not get me wrong. But I must ask. Why are all these people attend church during the day while in fact, they should be working? I can see...sorry, I think of it all the time and my thinking cannot get what my eyes can see out of my mind."

African Black Man: "When you strongly believe what you think one day eventually...most possibly will come to pass...for that, my son wakes up and listen must go to church and only God can bring you to glory."

African Black Man`s son: "But I can see the white man does not pray that much. He opens his hands and starts working. What is that? I think Daddy and thinking are confusing me always."

African Black Man: "The way the white man thinks it is not our thinking."

African Black Man`s son: "But what he what we enjoy now all around us. Is this not a lesson to learn?"

African Black Man`s wife: "Every race should stay with what the race was born with. When you stay connected to your roots nothing can ever harm you in uncertain times."

Act 3

African Black Man: "Something is seriously bothering me."

African Black Man`s wife: "What is it? Here's your food, enjoy."

African Black Man: "The numbers of us black Africans are constantly increasing."

African Black Man`s wife: "I have made the same observation."

African Black Man: "Is it not alarming that after all those years nothing is changing?"

African Black Man`s wife: "Darling, but you know we Blacks love children too much. And not to forget you men like to cheat on us too much."

African Black Man: "Our side chicks...I know what you are saying. It seems to be in our blood too much. We even do not seem to be concerned too much. Yes, we talk and talk, tears run down from your ladies eyes all the time. In the end when the noise has settled the same old story continues. It is like a lion in the bush that needs to multiply his power and enjoy a harem of ladies. Sometimes I see us all as lions in the bush, to be honest, whether or not we live a comfortable modern lifestyle in the paradise of the white man."

African Black Man`s wife: "I am still laughing out loud thinking of the white volunteers rushing to Africa with anti-baby pills and condoms for free. They tried to stop our futility and teenage pregnancy. I still see the young woman aged twenty with her husband to be under the village tee discussing their future. They remember what the white man had told them in the village having fewer children means having a better life. But both woke up that the white man had cheated on them as only a few children would never give them life at old age in financial security as no effective and functioning social system would protect them. Their system of social protection were their children."

African Black Man: "Which is very true. But what is also true is that we live here in the paradise of the white man which means we use his social system which can protect our people at old age and in times heading towards old age."

African Black Man`s wife: "Reality is that many Africans that there are now in this world cannot finance these systems in the countries of the white man. Back in Africa, you know so well the leaders have no sense of a functioning social system. Children are their only source of financial protection. To have big families, big weddings and funerals, big parties and dependencies on each other rather than on systems are still so alive in Africa and the mind of us African Black people that it might never be eradicated and gone for good."

African Black Man: "I was hearing the other day from a colleague working for our pension company here that their capability to finance current and future pension is coming to an end."

African Black Man`s wife: "What do you mean by that?"

African Black Man: "I mean he wants to say that there is a lack of proper planning for a very long future in the organization. Pension is something not done from today and tomorrow but it is a longtime strategy which needs proper detailed planning with much thought given to it."

African Black Man`s wife: "You want to tell us that planning for generations to come is not in our blood?"

African Black Man: "Whether it is not in our blood or brain or wherever I cannot say. All I can say is that the planning is not there. Even in this white man`s paradise and his spirit around us we still seem to have serious problems to plan far ahead into the future and consider all possibilities with solutions thought of to address such challenges."

African Black Man`s wife: "You want to lecture us that this has been a problem for us for generations now...even the spirit of the white man is all around us?"

African Black Man: "That is the most confusing part of it all. The systems are in place, the road map is clear, ways are open to finding answers, examples are visible and can be touched and tapped into how best to plan and solve issues of the future that generations to come might encounter but we still do not seem to understand such issues and make it part of our daily lifestyle. I men if such things would not be there and we would have to sit down to think of ways to handle such things, that would be a different ball game altogether. But here we are, we just must walk into the offices of such social system organizations, read their instructions, study their plans and use to for our good. Instead, we read, do not understand and walk our ways. I simply do not get it."

African Black Man`s son: "But Mummy and always give me a poor picture of us Africans of colour. I mean is there anything about us which is positive?"

African Black Man: "Sure my son, there is!"

African Black Man`s son: "Which is?"

African Black Man: "We used to be above the achievements of the white man at a stage, now he is far above us in a faraway land. Without his interference, we can use a human characteristic."

African Black Man`s son: "Which is, Daddy?"

African Black Man: "To observe, think, learn and do the right things on a longtime perspective."

African Black Man`s wife: "Planning and longtime...this is not our strength."

African Black Man: "Which is true...but we can learn."

African Black Man`s son: "We only have to remember the time we were strong and above the withe man, is that what you want to say, Daddy?"

African Black Man: "We must remember the roots of our race and where we came from. The white man copied us and took our wisdom to greater heights. I still strongly believe we have it in us, the old wisdom that is superior to the one we have seen in this white man`s paradise. We can do far better than him. Let us all close our eyes, look deep and very deep down into ourselves see the beauty of what we once had when the world was full of Blacks long before God`s second-born child was born and remember those glorious days."

African Black Man`s wife: "That is what I am always advocating for. Our life without roots is impossible."

African Black Man: "But we have to go back to the real roots and not the roots we think are our inheritance which has become our roots driving us around history."

African Black Man`s son: "Do I know these roots you are talking about?"

African Black Man's wife: "These roots are in your blood my son. Even your brain was polished by the white man`s educational system here around. When you sit down still, stop breathing for a moment, focus on your inner self...the blood will speak to you and you will come out victoriously. Forget the noise around you, only remember the roots in your blood as the successor of a great beautiful and rich history of the beginning of mankind and humanity...and Mars and Moon will look too small for you, like toys for a small toddler."

African Black Man: "Trust the words of your mother, my son. Trust her with all your heart."

African Black Man`s son: "So, Daddy, you are teaching me that in the past is our future?"

African Black Man: "You learn fast, my on. I wish all people of your age would think that fast and understand a simple truth."

African Black Man`s wife: "Yes, we should always be very proud of our son...very proud."

African Black Man: "I am proud of him always and I love him to the Moon and back."

African Black Man`s wife: "The Moon?"

African Black Man: " is just a saying never reality. He is black and he carries the future in him. All he needs to do is to find the right way to bring it out, that is all."

European White Man: "I never thought that it is possible to have an economy which ish highly automated, that produces very innovative products and food healthy even having some healing effects for certain problems. And that on top of it all we work less yet the wheel of economic success for the vast majority of our people is spinning round and round. We have such a high living standard and work less than before. Amazing, I am telling you."

European White Man`s wife: "What was of great concern to me that the time we have on hand is making people bored causing other forms of chaos."

European White Man`s son: "Can I go out to play with my friends?"

European White Man`s wife: "Make sure not to come home too late."

European White Man: "I had the same doubts. Now I am astonished how much our youth know to care for each other and the older generation more. And how creative they have become. They sit together as friends or in teams to think of tomorrow. everyone wants to be self-employed, wants to invent, see the great opportunities ahead of them. Amazing beyond belief. After we have seen a generation unable to think for themselves always be pushed and guided by their parents we see now a generation driving themselves and the rest of our societies to greater and greater heights. Yes, we have indeed gone through a valley of shadow and come out great again. The trend in our societies is always up and up...with small minor downs...before the up comes again."

European White Man`s wife: "Sometimes I think of the black Africans we have left behind. Whether they manage our societies well...maybe even improve on what we had achieved and left for them. What do you think?"

European White Man: "I have heard rumours...but they are already a few years old...that they seem to cry."

European White Man`s wife: "Cry how and...why?"

European White Man: "I only heard of it...I am not so sure."

European White Man`s wife: "What is it that you are not so sure of?"

European White Man: "They increase in numbers and moving around from continent to continent. The once born on African soil push into our former countries in Europe...but... ."

European White Man`s wife: "But...but what?"

European White Man: "Now...the Africans that have settled in Europe do not want to grant visas and residents permit to the once pushing as economic migrants into our old societies."

European White Man`s wife: "I do not understand. I mean they are of the same bloodline."

European white Man: "That is true...and of the same history...and the same complaint against us what we had done to them in history."

European White Man`s wife: "And so?"

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