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The Next Frontier - Part 6

Theater Play in three acts
The Next Frontier - Part 6
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African Black Man`s wife: "We prove to the white man, the entire human race that when you are loyal to your past and traditions in a modern setting you can even lift the paradise you find yourself in up higher and higher. Roots are so important for a glorious future. Without roots, humans are left to the misfortune of life. Our roots will give us direction on where to head to and which decisions to take. And no one can take our roots away from us and convince us their roots would be better for us...not a single chance."

European White Man: "You are right. the chance given to us here on Mars means we have to readjust the way of living and thinking. What is vital to us is to bring humanity up to a higher level. We cannot expect to go on like in the past."

European White Man`s wife: "What do you mean by that?"

European White Man: "Where we are heading towards as human beings are what matters in that context we must redefine what we as a human race can and should expect from our fellow neighbours. Excuses made in the past that worked well for a group of them cannot be sustained now anymore. Fundamental principles of how we want to live and work together must be discussed and reshaped. History can never be denied but always be a source of inspiration to improve on what once was. What we as a human race have achieved so far does not mean we should end there rather take up the torch of opportunities and inspiration to see how we can define the human of tomorrow in a closer bracket than in the past, chances and consequences...that what we have to look into."

European White Man`s wife: "Our education system must be reformed drastically. We waste at school years with information that is not of benefit to us but should encourage at the earliest stage as possible to bring out the main talent of each of us and work on it. Entrepreneurship should be at the centre of the understanding each individual is foremost responsible for himself and must not be lazy or laid black but bring to light in full force the creativity and drive invested in him. This will boost all sectors of our society to the max and help to solve problems at the speed of light."

European White Man`s son: "I want to be a scientist that heals if not all but most of the diseases of our times, daddy. I can see we will encounter and be confronted with more diseases than we have seen so far...more pandemics, more mutating viruses."

European White Man`s wife: "I am proud of you, my son. So, so proud of you."

European White Man: "We will send you next term to a specialized school that can teach you all that and help you to live your dream. I am deeply touched by your words and enthusiasm to take action. Great, my son."

European White Man`s son: "Yes, Mummy and Daddy, I always want you to be proud of me even when I go my ways which might not always be your ways."

European White Man: "Every generation, every person has to go his or her ways and should never be limited by the expectations of the generations about to retire. Life would otherwise never move forward but be limited in what life can be for the human race."

European White Man`s son: "I love you, Daddy. I love both of you."

European White Man: "And in the end, this is all we parents can do...loving our children. What I hope for is, regardless of what you want to become in life, to excel to excellence. When I can see this always in you to strive to be the best in your interest, I know we have done well."

European White Man`s son: "Daddy, Mummy...that is the least I can do for you."

African Black Man: "My son, do not let yourself be confused by the books of the white man that you have found in your classroom. The white man has never understood our hearts and souls. He has always tried to push his ideas and values towards us, never took the time to study us from deep insight our hearts and souls missing the point constantly. When they write here in this book pride price to pay is a sin, ignore such stupid white man`s thinking. For us Africans, it is a generation old tradition and we see it as an appreciation for the parents having raised the daughter. We do not put a price tag on a daughter, this is never so misinterpreted by the white man. But like so many other things we say and do the white man never understands us and I guess we on our part never really understand the white man. All we see is the paradise he has created for us here and the misery we were going through on our African continent. Bad times my son are over, good times have started. Now we have a paradise for free as it should be."

African Black Man`s son: "A gift?"

African Black Man: "It is never a gift. In the end, it is our birthright as Blacks to live in it here and right now. All the natural resources that had been stolen from they are...all around us. So, don`t we have a right to take them back?

African Black Man`s son: "Possibly."

African Black Man: "Certainly, my son...most certainly."

African Black Man`s son: "So, Daddy... then all the white man did is adding to our natural resources some ideas, isn't it?"

African Black Man: "The white man added his ideas to what he had found on earth years after we had walked before him and got a bit lazy. We in Africa had rested on top of our many success stories instead of improving on them and carry them above what the white man was able to achieve. Yes, that is true history. We could have done better and prevented the white man in that way to take advantage of us sleeping Africans. But now tables have turned and we have again dominion over the world and see all the white man took from us here around us. It is a great feeling of satisfaction."

African Blck Man`s son: " it not because the white man has advanced more than us that we live in the paradise he had created? He is now on another level, Moon and Mars. I mean, while we here use what he has created and used."

African Black Man: "You mean we do not make good use of our brains but use what is used and think this is our blessings? That we do not have the spirit to copy the white man and after copying to stand on what we have copied to improve on it so to take dominion over the white man`s mind?"

African Black Man`s son: "Daddy and Mummy, please help me to understand."

African Black Man`s wife: "What my son?"

African Black Man`s son: "In Africa, I have heard so much about corruption and how it is destroying our people and future. And about the fact that the majority of us does not care about time, have no plan for a long future, disrespect people based on their intelligence but praise the ones that have money over the ones that know much. Respect in Africa is based on fear and not on God`s creation. That cheating on wives and husbands is more widespread in African societies than in white man`s countries. That most of us do not like to read and work disciplined and hard."

African Black Man: "So what...what about it?"

African Black Man`s son: "Now that we breath fresh air in the countries of the white man, the paradise he had created for himself...will we now allow the fresh wind to blow into our lounges to affect our minds and souls?"

African Black Man: "You are very romantic, my son. I like when people dream their life away. But let us be realistic instead. Our traditions are a vital pillar in our life. They are our guiding light. Without them, we would live in darkness."

African Black Man`s son: "Guiding darkness?"

African Black Man: "The light for us is in the darkness we live in...I mean out of the light in the darkness of our mind...sorry, I mean the light that is in the darkness of our light... ."

African Black Man`s wife: "What you daddy wants to say nothing will change us, no light, no darkness. We will be the same old people the world has ever seen. We are loyal to our ancestors and our traditions. Now that we have this paradise around us we can enjoy our life even more and even better. Forget about all your concerns and simply live and pick from all these wonderful fruits around us. After all, we deserve it."

African Black Man`s son: "Deserve it? I mean we have not created this paradise...Mummy."

African Black Man`s wife: "God has created the white man and he has made this paradise and so as he has left the world for us who is there to deserve it than not us?

African Black Man`s son: "I can see your point, Mummy!"

African Black Man`s wife: "It is not always wise to think too much. We are not made for that, I mean to cause headaches to our brains. And after all, why should we think too much as the table is laid out right in front of us. Just start eating and enjoying. As long as we do not eat from the forbidden fruit we are okay."

African Black Man`s son: "Are we correct people, Mummy?"

African Black Man: "Of course we are correct people otherwise God would not have created us as his firstborn children. We are the original, the white man is the copy...a bit funny copy I must say."

African Black Man`s son: "Could it be that God saw what he had done wrong with us to have created the white man and heavily improved in his first creation?"

African Black Man: "My think too much is not healthy for your soul. Just take life one day at a time as life is presenting itself to you. That is your best way of living, trust us. We know what we are talking about as age is catching up with us."

African Black Man`s son: "How many people are needed to change the world?"

African Black Man: "To make the wheel spin and lead others to a glorious future?"

African Black Man`s son: "Yes, that is what I want to know."

African Black Man: "Only a few handfuls of people. The rests are followers and workers to make a vision a reality in daily life."

African Black Man`s son: "The more we Africans are and the more we spread our wings across the earth does it mean this few handfuls of people will be born to lead us?"

African Black Man: "The more that there are of us...most likely."

African Black Man`s son: "Will these few handfuls of people lead us into another paradise of their mind?"

African Black Man: "My son...only the future can testify how healthy our blood will become."

European White Man: "I find it very impressive that our scientist has found a good solution to our food problem generating nutritious foodstuff from plants that do not need soil and are even not made of food items as we are used to. I mean how amazing the human mind is, how much creativity is in us? We only must have the right mindset to bring it all out. Determination and a never-give-up mentality, in the end, are key factors for our success. That is truly amazing...but in a way very common and natural as our brain in common, we all have one."

European White Man`s wife: "Yes, very true. We all have the same brain but our attitude makes all the difference between failure and reaching higher heights. Anyone regardless of where he comes from and under which conditions he was born, when having the right mindset and willingness to be constantly corrected, ready to pay the price that needs to be paid for success...can achieve anything his mind is set on. The slightest doubt in this simple wisdom is already a setback. The journey is most certainly not easy but as so many great cases of great inventors have proven in the past that this wisdom is wise and true it still applies today."

European White Man: "Not to forget we carry responsibility for our destiny and cannot blame our misfortune on our circumstances or others. We can step outside of circumstances that do not help us and move on and separate ourselves from people that are not helping us. Even we must have the inner strength to separate us from our blood family in case it is blocking us from greatness something most people find hard to do...even in most cases a must."

European White Man`s wife: "When I compare our society today with the one of the past I have the impression that we share more of the same ideas than we used to. I would not call this harmony as the highest form of harmony, in the end, will cause standstill and even downfall as others might overtake us... ."

European White Man: "But here it is only us. So who should overtake us?"

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