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The Next Frontier - Part 3

Theater Play in three acts
The Next Frontier - Part 3
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The Devil: "You know that I cannot reach the white people in space as this is not my territory. Only you who created the heavens and earth have authority over it. I have no connection with the stars only with human beings. And as you were allowing the white people to leave in space all that is left for me are your black people."

God: "As long as they do not come to terms and create their space stations."

The Devil: "I will do all in my power to stop them from thinking anything like that. After all, when they would have left planet earth what else would be there for me to be doing? And certainly, I have no interest to go into early retirement. I am far too young for that."

God: "So, the race is on?"

The Devil: "You bet! For sure the race is on and this time round I will outsmart you and take all the glory."

God: "Glory?... You mean you believe in my power?"

The Devil: "The is the success that will be mine."

God: "Oh well...I see."

African Black Man: "I see over there...this big factory. It looks to me like a car manufacturing plant."

African Black Man`s wife: "It is true. There the Germans used to build their most luxurious brand. Excellent cars, very stylish and reliable. I remember the once my grand-grand uncle used to drive with diesel engine, a car never failing him even at old age and with high mileage. Thes story behind the brand is very impressive. One man gets inspired to build something that can move people and later goods. At all costs he wanted his dream to come true and after ups and downs, he made it. A great raw model for anyone with the mind of success."

African Black Man: "So there we are standing, right in the middle of this hugh factory. Look at the spare parts section, the gloss finish area, the quality control section. I mean that is very impressive I must say. We just had only Assembly plants in our corner of the world. And now we stand here taking what the white man has left behind. Now it is on us to take from the white man and take dominion over his territory. The tables of history have shifted and turned. All this happened in peace, no blood shad anywhere."

African Black Man`s wife: "After generations living in the misery caused by the white man and our mind we are finally truly free blessed with all this what the white man has left behind. Surely we will all make good use of it. Let our family and friends from African come and join. after generations oppressed this is what God had always promised as far as our eyes can see. No corners of this land will be spared ot to be inhabited by our people. Only... ."

African Black Man: "What do you mean by `only`?"

African Black Man´s wife: "You know my husband...we have to pay back."

African Black Man: "What does that mean?"

African Black Man`s wife: "You know so many people were helping us in the past, our family and friends, people in power that we supported to get there and they promised us to support us in return. I mean so far they have not kept all their promises....yes, I know that. But all that matters now is that God is faithful and that our prayers work. Just look around and you will see."

African Black Man: "Was it not the devil leading us here?"

African Black Man`s wife: "Come on, what a stupid question. We asked Witches and Wizards to bring us to glory, that is true, we also prayed to God and him even harder. But after all, it is not the time to discuss this matter as long as we live in a better world and can use what is around us to have a great comfortable life."

African Black Man: "Sure...and as it was pronounced over us we can manage our affairs as we are finally free."

African Black Man`s wife: "If Dr Kwame Nkrumah could see us now, he would be so proud of us!"

African Black Man: "I am not so sure as to when you do not have to fight for what you get but pick up the leftovers from others to enjoy very well, that is not a victory he had in mind."

African Black Man`s wife: "When God is giving you all his blessings, why to think too much? Here we are in paradise, no more hunger, no more fighting among ourselves, but riches all around as far as our eyes can see."

African Black Man: "We only must make sure what we have now is maintained always and at best improved on."

African Black Man`s wife: "Do not be a fool to talk rubbish like that. When Eva and Adam were naked in the Garden of Eden did they care about the future or the paradise? No, of course not. They enjoyed walking around, picking here and there from trees when they got hungry... ."

African Black Man: "Oh my wife, I know where you are going. This time in history not again. I will not make the mistake to allow you to convince me that I should eat from the forbidden fruit. No way."

African Black Man`s wife: "Do you see here any forbidden fruit?"

African Black Man: "Not in that the sense that we use our wrong minds to mess up our future. To touch that wrong mind of our past...that is what I will never do. That is our forbidden fruit."

African Black Man`s wife: "For us to be disconnected from our past is like being empty inside."

African Black Man: "Wife, this time you will not have a chance to confuse me and lead me into temptation. I am strong as I have learnt my lesson. I swear."

African Black Man`s wife: "And I swear that I will take always good care of you no matter which ways we must take, new, old, straight, curved...we do what we know best."

African Black Man: "Oh my wife...I have a feeling... ."

African Black Man`s wife: "Save your feelings for later when it is bedtime."

African Black Man: "What would I do without you?"

African Black Man`s wife: "Marry a white woman and change your mind?"

African Black Man: "Me...white woman...change my mind...I am an African and not an idiot. You are the love of my life."

African Black Man`s wife: "Do not forget to count your girl-friends."

African Black Man: "Every strong African man needs more than eating each day Fufu."

African Black Man`s wife: "You eat and I have to prepare Fufu for you...what a funny man you are."

European White Man: "It is true. We are all responsible for what we do. At a certain age, we can no longer blame our destiny and life condition on where we came from and what had happened to us. As a society, we all can expect and should so from all of us to take full responsibility for our thinking and action. When we hang around with the wrong people only as it seems easier to be challenged by the wiser ones it is our problem when we end up in drunkenness and misery."

European White Man`s son: "So daddy, you teach me that when I am lazy at school it is my fault not to progress in life?"

European White Man: "We as parents give birth to you like God gave birth to us as humans. Being wiser than you we have to advise you for life`s matters and guide you. With us, you watch the values that we have, our lifestyle. This is what we think is good for us as mothers and fathers. You have to go your own way and discover over time your destiny which we cannot tell you about as it is in you. You must uncover it and when found follow the call you are called for regardless of what we think about it. When later in life you want us to be part of your journey to greatness we are honoured. When you want our advice we give it to you. Basically, at adulthood, you must follow your inner call and fight your way up and up."

European White Man`s son: "I do not understand yet everything you try to tell me but I guess it sounds reasonable and true."

European White Man`s wife: "It is us my we all have gone through the stages to become matured and older."

European White Man`s son: "I am only happy that here we do not have to start from scratch as I had feared."

European White Man: "Yes, everything is well laid out and planned. An idea with no concept, no road map, no thoughts for generations to come is a useless plan ending up in chaos and destruction."

European White Man`s son: "Does the entire world know about it?"

European White Man: "Every human being knows about it as history is there to prove this point in all corners of the world."

European White Man`s son: "Do all people listen to the lessons of history?"

European White Man: "Very brilliant point, my son. Unfortunately not all. But the ones that do advance in life greatly. The rest...look back from where we come...are left behind and pick up the bits and pieces that people advancing leave behind."

European White Man`s son: "I guess when someone is patient he can learn more and the right things than when being on the run, isn`t it?"

European White Man: "Patience and preparedness to go the extra mile along a long stretch indeed is a cornerstone of success. Only what comes with focus and over time will stay, anything rushing into your arms will rush into the arms of others too."

African Black Man: "Can you see this great Autobahn network well laid out, perfectly constructed and maintained. No speed limit at most stretches, enough space for all of us to have fun."

African Black Man´s wife: "And the airports are in good shape, so are hospitals, kindergartens, universities and schools. Only what I do not like are the many homes for old people. These are useless to us. We must find a new use for them as this is for sure, our elderly will say in our families. That tradition is not for sale."

African Black Man: "In one book in a registrars office for marriage I read that bride price to pay in the European Union is against the law as no human being is supposed to be bought."

African Black Man`s wife: "But it is a longstanding tradition in Africa and for that reason we keep it. The white man should never think he is smarter than us and can dictate what we should think and do. We have a right to manage our affairs and stick to our old traditions. In the end, he possibly will tell us we should distance ourselves from using the service of witches and way."

African Black Man: "Relax...the white man is far from us and we occupy his paradise to make it work well for us. All the traditions that we so well know from Africa here in this beautiful paradise we can make them work for us."

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