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The Next Frontier - Part 2

Theater Play in three acts
The Next Frontier - Part 2
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African Black Man: "They claim God made the heavens and the earth...that is what they say."

The Devil: "Yes, indeed, they say so. So, why leave the earth when they are so convinced it is their inheritance, their very own territory?"

African Black Man: "You are right...again and again I have asked myself the same question...over and over again. I just do not get it. Here on earth, we have everything that we need. We must only make it right for all to benefit from. I do not see the need for all the inventions the human mind is capable of thinking and creating."

The Devil: "Sometimes it is wiser for a man not to know and wish too much. When he knows so much he will want so much and in the end his wanting and wishing leads to create a world of destruction. Look a all the waste the white man litres the environment with. He wants too many things that truly speaking is not needed for humans to have a better life. It is the mindset that makes the white people want more and more to the extent as you can see how they leave their natural habitat and made land in foreign lands. I mean, come on, that is pure madness."

African Black Man: "You are right. No everything we humans can think of we should also let the light of the day see. Sometimes for us, it is more peaceful when we sleep in darkness."

The Devil: "And that is exactly why I love you folks so much. You have always followed me and my words. Now that the white people are gone this world is again entirely for you. You will surely make the most and best out of it...but always mind my words...not everything that is in your brain is for you!"

European White Man: "Now let us all get down on our knees in prayer and give thanks to God."

European White Man`s wife: "Son, get closer to me. We will pray together."

European White Man: "Oh Lord in heaven as we embrace on a new chapter in the life of the human race and we as a small humble family let us give thanks for all that you have done for us and for all yet to come. We remember the days when Homo Sapiens were born in Africa to inherit the earth and everything therein. We humans took dominion over the blue planet and created and shaped humanity in the course of our daily life. Some of us decided to conquer new frontiers and changed their colour from black to white, not by bleaching but over time by evolution. As we all were living on different continents in different environments we found ourselves not only as different people of different colours but more so of different mindsets. The ones that we had left behind in Africa were entrenched in the old form of living in darkness worshipping idols and demands while we in the northern hemisphere wer blessed with religion that gave us the wisdom and strength to go beyond the obvious, the imaginable reading for unthinkable dreams and visions. Luckey for us we intended more than our African counterparts making it possible for us to dominate them for generations, and so to rule the world. The time came too fast the numbers of Africans outsmart our numbers causing us serious problems, all in the light of income from natural resources came down drastically and Africa`s soil eventually an empty place. Misery increased all over as Africans exported their minds into our societies. But by your righteous words and blessings on us, you inspired us with the idea to leave this blue planet to the original indigenous people, the Black Africans while we are supposed to establish our new societies in outer space. It is now that the Africans have all the space, time, resources and left behind factories, proven ideas, economies, political and social systems, our paintings and statues to use and to better their own life. Everything we had to build our glorious future on it is now for them."

European White Man`s wife: "I hear God saying everything we white people have used and need no more the African is gladly receiving it while nothing new came from him for the past endless generations."

European White Man: "My reason for content and be serious. Oh Lord, as we bow our heads and open our hearts to you we worship you and know so much gory is ahead of us and that Africans finally are free again...that the cycle of mankind has finally be closed and separated itself to spin around itself without our interference."

European White Man`s wife: "Yes oh Lord, we have ended our works on earth and take up our destiny to inherit another territory with the spirit of fighters for justice and creation."

European White Man`s son: "Amen."

African Black Man: "It is and was easier said an done, my Lord. Saying we could have protected us from the harm of the white man by advancing our protection tools and strategies ahead of what the Russians once used as an effective strategy by letting the enemy dead in the heart of Africa and retracting back into the continent with soil burnt unable for them to survive with food or water as Africa was always our territory know so well to us. Yes, all that is true, we could have done that and pushed the white man off the cliffs of Africa back into his territory and most likely taken him as a slave in his lands, us being Colonial Masters over him. Sure, we could have done all that as while the white man still was jumping like a monkey from tree to tree we had so much like papyrus, the wheel to build pyramids, a written language, gold in fine, fine bracelets and many more."

God: "And?"

African Blck Man: "Now he is gone...finally left us in peace."

God: "Anything to regret?"

African Black Man: "Regret what and why my Lord?"

God: "Regret to learn for a brighter future?"

African Black Man: "Oh Lord. As I said things are easy when you sit in heaven and think of the next steps to take. But you do not know earthly matters, my Lord. Here things are so much harder, more complex and complicated."

God: "Jesus told me about you and what humans go through."

African Black Man: "Oh my Lord, that is good. So you understand that what had happened in our history...was unavoidable, ment to happen."

God: "It was unavoidable when no mind is in place to create an alternative and fight for the better solution against what comes like a bulldozer over a people."

African Black Man: "Oh my Lord...we beg of you...please, do not condemn us as we are your firstborn."

God: "It is from you, exactly said, my firstborn that I expect more than from my second born. But I see my second born fly to Moon and Mars to settle in space, the next frontier, why you settle on earth, a used planet empty of natural resources, polluted and dried out, used."

African Black Man: "We are used to using things, my Lord, and know how to make the most of it."

God: "I created I guess...I still must love you."

African Black Man: "That is all we need to know, my Lord. That you love us. And the promise of us is we will never disappoint you again but show ourselves worthy of your mightly endless love. Now, that the white man, your second born, is gone, we have a paradise in front of us that we will use to glorify your name and make it better each day."

God: "I have no option but to trust your words. Do not disappoint me again, my firstborn!"

The Devil: "Now, be honest to yourself. Who is the winner?"

God: "Winner about what?"

The Devil: "Mankind and its logo humanity?"

God: "Cannot you see? Right in front of you is the answer."

The Devil: "Your first son is messed up and stranded, your second son in leaving your beloved earth."

God: "And with them, both take mankind and humanity to higher ground accordingly to each other capabilities."

The Devil: "If they both would have stayed here in peace and harmony, in progress and blessings, in your...your paradise...I possibly could agree. But one is a coward running away into space instead of solving all problems on earth while the other son, you're firstborn, is struggling to come to terms with his new freedom. Like before you will see what he will do with it. I mean I know already what is about to come."

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