29.07.2021 Feature Article

Ghana : A Country in Search of Leadership

Ghana : A Country in Search of Leadership
LISTEN JUL 29, 2021

Reports suggest that recent travels by the president of Ghana amount to GHC 2.8 million. Perhaps if I were to occupy the highest office of the president, I will understand why the president of a country that borrows to pay salaries of its workers, a leader in whose country the citizens are in search of clean drinking water, and a president in whose country citizens struggle to have a meal a day is engaged in such a profligate expenditure as if it does not matter that the International Monetary Fund has warned of our rising debt stock. But because I do not occupy the highest office of the president, I won't understand and I do not intend to.

I intend however to interrogate the usual 'life goes on' attitude of the citizens of Ghana who seem to have given a blank sheet to the political leadership of the country to do with it as they please. Some complain once in a while showing their awareness of the existing problem but only for informal discourse purposes. Is it not time to take stock? The political leadership in the 4th republic seem to have defeated the very purpose for their creation and existence and the action of the citizens is required as a matter of urgency and necessity.

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