22.01.2001 Cycling

Cycling: Ghana to host Euro-Africa Grand Prix

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Ghana would host the third stage of Euro-Africa Grand Prix Cycling competition on Thursday, January 25th, on the Nima highway.

The three-hour competition would have cyclists from Belgium and France, sorting things out with their Ghanaian counterparts in seven-racing categories.

Mr Bernard Agier of Sportpub International of France, organisers for the competition told GNA sports on Monday that most of the races planned are usually held in a viladrome but since the country has not got one, it has to improvise, using the streets of Nima.

"Nima was chosen because of its dense population and it is our hope that the cycling culture which has not yet taken root in Ghana would start from such communities to give the country an alternative to soccer.

"The competition would also give local cyclists an opportunity to fine tune for the Tour de Ghana race which starts in March since there are not enough local competitions for them".

The competition, which started in Benin over the weekend, would moved to Togo before Ghana. From Ghana it would be the turn of Burkina Faso, followed by Niger before ending in Chad.

The events which would be sponsored by the likes of Woodin, Pepsi, cowbell and Lipton among others would involve time trials, Speed racing, Team Persist, and Individual pursuit for both the European and the local Cyclists.

Prices would also be given for most aggressive cyclist, the best pace setter cyclist and also the "fair-play" award to both individuals and teams.

Mr Agier thanked the sponsors and pleaded with other cycling philanthropists to help build the cycling culture in Ghana because it has the potential of putting the country on the world Sporting map.

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