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Mr. President Hear Our Cry, We Are Suffering As Ghanaian Youth

Mr. President Hear Our Cry, We Are Suffering As Ghanaian Youth
LISTEN JUL 28, 2021

In times like this, it will do us a lot of favor when we come together as disappointed Youth demanding from government what rightfully belongs to us. The days of partisan politics are gone, we must not shift blames on previous governments because they have done what they could. We must demand accountability and job opportunities from the current government. The teeming youth are hungry, the mouthwatering is becoming too much, we want to see the reflection in our communities, pockets and families. The youth who are ever ready to work are only been disappointed yet, our institutions, organizations and sectors are been choked with family and friends and those who should have been into retirement. What at all is happening?

Why did our leaders program our system in a way which has made it very difficult for them to recognize the talents, abilities and capabilities of the Ghanaian youth?

Most of the sectors have turned to whom you know or forget about your abilities, why?

1. Do the programme developers for our country really think and have any hope for the youth of this country?

2. Will there come a time when the youth in this country will be given what rightfully belongs to them?

If we look at the rate at which the youth of today are engaging in crime and robbery, we can only ascribe that to our leaders' inability to provide job opportunities to curtail the high rate of unemployment in the country.

I conclude by saying, if we do not come together as one and fight this course, we will continue to be in the same class as today.

We beg His Excellency Nana Addo to walk his talk before 2024.

Thank you.


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25th July, 2021.

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