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We Must Stop Deceiving Ourselves: Some Of Our Leaders Are Selfish And Self-Centered Individuals

We Must Stop Deceiving Ourselves: Some Of Our Leaders Are Selfish And Self-Centered Individuals
LISTEN JUL 28, 2021

It is unbelievable, unthinkable and irritating when some of our leaders are trying to be smart at the grassroots.

Leadership is not only about donating at weddings and funerals, but how well you will be able to empower the youth in the party. Empowering the youth in the NDC has always been our problem as a party.

So, you want to tell us that if the NDC is not in power, the grassroots who had no appointment and job opportunities in the then NDC administration should starve to death?

So, our leaders are telling us if the NDC is in opposition, they can't assist the youth in the party to secure jobs in this current government?

We know majority of them (some of our leaders have so many links in this current government but due to their selfish and self-centred interest, they do not want to assist the youth.

Few weeks ago, the Ministry of Finance has given the green light to the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of National Security and the Ministry of Education to employ new staff totalling over eleven thousand.

Our leaders are not concern at all about getting some of the youth in the NDC into these areas but always say, we are in opposition. What a hell!!!

So our leaders are telling us they do not have friends in the NPP? Hmmm! But some went ahead to approve some of the ministers and deputies we were all expecting to be rejected!!

By the time NDC come to power, the ministries are already choked that the government cannot employ many citizens.

Can our leaders sack 10000 trained security services personnels to employ new ones? The answer is NO. Most of these guys are NPP faithful, even if one person is sack, our streets will be choked with demonstrations. You know them already.

I'm disappointed in some of our leaders if not all.

Some of them, you'll call them hundred times but they won't pick up your calls thinking you are coming to beg them for money.

The youth in NDC are suffering.

NDC is not smart at all..

I'm ready for all insults and criticisms that will be directed to me.

I spoke for the masses


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