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These Retarded MPs Must Be Voted Out of Parliament Pronto

These Retarded MPs Must Be Voted Out of Parliament Pronto
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The 8 Members of Ghana’s Parliament who are vigorously pushing for an Anti-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer, Intersexual-Plus (LGBTQI+) Bill to be passed into law so that bona fide Ghanaian citizens of non-heterosexual bent or orientation could be made criminals for expressing their natural selves and identities, are obviously in dire need of immediate psychological and psychiatric examination (See “The 8 MPs Pushing for the Anti-LGBTQ Bill to Be Passed” 7/26/21). As of this writing, yours truly has been out and away from his country and land of birth and upbringing for some three-dozen years. And he does not seem to have missed much or a lot that is either culturally and/or morally worthwhile.

The Bill clearly and scandalously reflects more of the clinically “Queer” mindset of the drafters and pushers, themselves, than it has anything meaningful to do with the citizens of the sociocultural category or categories of humanity whose lifestyle(s) it seeks to proscribe, on the rather abjectly preposterous grounds that there is only one form of sexuality and/or forms of sexuality by which any human could live healthily and righteously. In sum, the irony of this grossly and inexcusably wrongheaded campaign inheres in the fact that the evangelical Christian man whose agenda and/or crusade it is that these ill-starred Parliamentarians are doggedly and fanatically pushing is himself an “Albino,” that is, a biological and cultural minority who may have met his own near-certain death by stoning at the hands of a mob, as has become the usual practice for quite sometime now, if Mr. Moses Foh-Amoaning, a legal scholar, educator and practitioner, had been born and raised in East Africa, where the stoning death of Albinos is quite a common occurrence and practice.

The Oxbridge-schooled Mr. Foh-Amoaning leads a faux-religious and a conservative political Civil Society Organization (CSO) called the Association for the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values, or some such institutional label or description. Now, what is inexcusably risible here is the facile presumption that, somehow, all Ghanaian citizens belong to a single homogeneous sociopolitical, economic and cultural entity with essentially or fundamentally the same set of existential values and principles. No such perception, of course, could be more dangerous and downright preposterous. The fact of the matter is that approximately 50-percent of Ghanaian citizens are of a single ethnic polity or descent, namely, Akan. But even as leading scholars, sociologists and anthropologists would readily attest or inform the Dear Reader, the civilized humans who make up the Akan ethnic and cultural group are not genetically homogeneous, in pretty much the same way that specialists in the discipline of biogenetics tell us that there absolutely is no such thing as sexual homogeneity.

You see, this entire anti-LGBTQI+ campaign has little basis in scientific and technological know-how; it is almost exclusively sociopolitical and cultural and, some may even conclude, philosophical. What the foregoing means is that the blatantly self-righteous attempt to proscribe the LGBTQI+ lifestyle is based more on the sort of neurosis or mass madness that causes the leadership of some nations and nationalities to commit such wanton acts of genocide, such as was barbarically and savagely perpetrated by Adolf Hitler and his globally infamous Nazi regime of Germany’s Third Reich. And in the post-Nazi era, one would have hoped that the last place on Earth where such genocidal tendencies would rear their ugly heads, as it were, would be the very Sub-Saharan African country that was the first to reassert its sovereignty from European colonial imperialism.

Now, what is equally absurd and farcical here is the rather curious notion that, somehow, the Law can be made to protect the fundamental humanity or human rights of the LGBTQI+ people but not the sexuality of this same category of the human species. It is patently and inexcusably absurd because human sexuality, irrespective of orientation, cannot be mechanically and/or artificially divorced from the totality of one’s humanity or human identity and being or existential essence and reality. This is what makes the entire genocidal push for the summary proscription of LGBTQI+ people all the more disturbing, dangerous and demanding of the prompt and immediate protective attention of the most powerful nations on Earth, democratic or nondemocratic.

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By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., PhD

English Department, SUNY-Nassau

Garden City, New York

July 27, 2021

E-mail: [email protected]

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