26.07.2021 Feature Article

Is Our Homeland Ghana A Global Power In The Art And Science Of Egregious-Hypocrisy?

Is Our Homeland Ghana A Global Power In The Art And Science Of Egregious-Hypocrisy?
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It will not come as a surprise, to some of us, entirely, were our homeland Ghana to emerge as the world's most hypocritical society, after the world's best leading researchers, in comparative social analysis, published the findings of research carried out globally, on the subject of hypocritical-cultures. From north to south, and east to west, of the total landmass of our beautiful but beleaguered country, the cultural underpinnings of all Ghana's ethnic groups, are anchored on solid bedrocks of fossilised egregious hypocrisy. Cool.

The trouble about our nation, dear reader, is that it is dominated mostly by philandering males, who lack moral compasses and are consumed with endless-skirt-chasing. They focus mainly on amoral slay-queens, who are obsessed with posh houses, expensive top-range 4x4s (with all the bells and whistles), whose main occupation, is serious-gossiping, constantly running others down and travelling abroad, for chilling-holidays, and take selfies, to post on their precious social media platform pages. Get the picture, dear reader? Hmmmm, eyeasem, ooooo. Msssa, to think that such a society will be successfully transformed, by any elected leader, by the end of his or her 8-year tenure, as Ghana Omanpanin, is unrealistic. Totally.

Perhaps the question we must all ponder over is: How possibly can any social transformation take place, when those selfsame ruling-élites, are also beholden to cash-loving religious-charlatans, who specialise in fear-and-panic-causing prophesies, designed to entrap the unwary, and successfully take over their thought-processes - so as to ensure that their hoodwinked-high-level-charges are bamboozled regularly with a steady stream of cash-inducing prophetic-directions, to make possible the averting of dreamt-of-future-disasters, in the spiritual-realm: where neither empirical-evidence nor further-and-better-particulars, are required of them? Think Reverend Owusu-Bempah? Just a king, oooo. Yooooooo. Checkmate, wai, mate. Sarjewah.

Dear reader, it is against that background, for example, that we. must therefore situate the sad spectacle, of a senior cabinet minister, consciously making a sad-spectacle of himself, spinning a Kweku-Ananse-web-of-fibs, to try and hide the identities, of those amongst today's greed-filled-cohort of big-thieves-in-high-places, who conspired to rip-off Mother Ghana, in a deal in which they were going to make a killing, of 90 pecent profiteering-profit, to secure Russian made Sputnik5 COVID-19 vaccines, from a venomous-snake-like super-clever Arab Sheik, when the said senior cabinet minister, appeared recently, before a fact-finding Select Committee of Parliament.

It would appear that In Ghana, unlike India, our caste-of-untouchables, are self-acclaimed aristos-who-serve-Ghana, diligently, and work without pay, and, and spurn sundry-ministerial-allowances - allegedly because they make zillions on the side, moonlighting, at society's expense, on the golden-alter-of-unfathomable-greed, according to bush-telegraph sources, oooo. Massa, today's cohorts of greedy-bastards, who are busy milking Mother Ghana dry, are known to all of us, yet the Ghanaian media, strangely continues to refuse to allow those of us minded to do so, to call those Shylock-spades, spades, publicly - because the language we deploy to expose those sodden thieves-in-high-places, isn't "decorous". Imagine that. In light of all the above, dear reader, one can confidently say that Ghana is definitely a global power, in egregious--hypocrisy. Y3n Omaan, yi, enniii size, biaara, 3woor 3wiasesiyi emu, koraaaa, 3wor egregious-hyocrisy, 3mu, oooo, Massa. Case closed.

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