25.07.2021 Feature Article

Today's Regime-Fatcats Are Only Chopping-Ghana-Small

Today's Regime-Fatcats Are Only Chopping-Ghana-Small
LISTEN JUL 25, 2021

Ahhhhh, Ghanafuo paaaa. Massa, Ghanafuo, 3kasaa paaa, ooooo. Today's lucky big-thieves-in-high-places, spot an opportunity to make a quick buck, and all of a sudden, all hell breaks lose? Ebeiiiii. How? Haaba. Small boys are young ampaaaa. Imagine that.

Out of the goodness of their solid-gold hearts, the ruling party's well-heeled big-thieves-in-high-places, suddenly decide that, to ensure the creature-comforts of our indefatigable, hardworking and honest leader (who doesn't even take his salary, please note, dear reader), they will charter a big-jetplane-with-a-shower, in which he can have a quick shower, just before he lands in all the foreign nations he is taking our begging-bowl-diplomacy to (Ghana is a gobal-power in begging-bowl-diplomacy, incidentally, dear reader, in case you didn't know that), and envious, good-for-nothing Ghanaians are complaining, nationwide. Why? Incredible.

Some of those useless-whingers, even have the audacity to demand that our angelic finance minister (who also doesn't take his salary, because his arms-length-businesses, earn trillions of Ghana cedis, each time Ghana borrows money, by the way, dear reader), goes to give Parliament - apparently a useless branch of government, in his view, some allege, according to bush-telegraph sources - insider information, in his possession about the public procurement contract handled by National Security to shield far-cats making a killing. How daft can some people be. Hmmm, eyeasem ooooo...

Is it not amazing, dear reader, that the Ghanaian media, still don't get it - that that noble-born honourable finance minister might be disdainful of Parliament: because it is full of inquisitive-ignoramuses, who should know their place, but don't, annoyingly? Why should he provide MPs with secret national-security-procurement-details, about how much commissions, were earned by the big-thieves-in-high-places, who got that big-jetplane-with-a-shower deal? How? Hmmmm, eyeasem, ooooo...

The question is: Why should a noble-born finance minister, go to Parliament, to answer urgent-questions, from sodden-plebians - who have the gall to make nonsense-on-stilts-demands, such as which of the regime's crony-tycoons, in the family-and-friends category, got the contract to charter the big-jetplane-with-a-shower, for our noble-born President Akufo-Addo?

Furthermore, why should a noble-born finance minister, answer them - when they are mostly envious and lazy people, who are forever complaining: who really must learn to keep their big-fat-traps shut? Are they not aware that this is an imperial-presidency? Massa, they really are fools, ooooo - if they still haven't cottoned on to that on-the-ground-reality, yet, wai. Bloody-morons. Enough is enough. They are chopping-Ghana-small, too, some, wai. Haaba. Cool, la...

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