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Covid-19: Systems aren't working, guard yourself; you'll be on your own when infected – Prof. Jasper to Ghanaians

By Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo
Covid-19: Systems aren't working, guard yourself; you'll be on your own when infected – Prof. Jasper to Ghanaians
LISTEN JUL 26, 2021

A Professor with the Department of Politics and Governance at the University for Development Studies (UDS), Prof Jasper Abembia Ayelazuno has advised Ghanaians to follow all Covid-19 safety protocols to avoid getting infected.

According to him, the experience he has had with his wife after getting infected has made it clear that ordinary Ghanaians are at a disadvantage when it comes to receiving help after testing positive for the virus.

Going deep into the experience of testing positive, Prof Jasper Abembia Ayelazuno says systems put in place to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic are not working as the public is made to believe.

“Our experience after testing positive for Covid-19 shows that the system/strategies designed by the Ghanaian state to fight and contain the pandemic do not work, and this has many serious implications for Ghanaians, as they try to deal with the pandemic in challenging circumstances.

“First, the inaction of the GHS after my wife and I tested positive illustrate the widespread inefficiencies that have bedeviled Ghana’s public service, a situation that has led to the poor delivery of essential services to Ghanaians; services such as quality education at all levels, water, electricity, health and sanitation – to mention but just a few examples,” part of the release from the UDS Professor has said.

Prof. Jasper Abembia Ayelazuno has implored everyone to prioritize their safety.

“Nonetheless, the takehome message of this press statement still remains the same and is worth re-echoing: Ghanaians, try as much as possible to protect yourself from infection, because you would be on your own when you are infected with the deadly disease,” he stresses.

Find below the full release from Prof. Jasper Abembia Ayelazuno:




Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo
Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo


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