Offinso South: Philantropist to commission hospital to improve healthcare delivery

By Issah Nabila Salifu, CruzFM
Health Offinso South: Philantropist to commission hospital to improve healthcare delivery
JUL 21, 2021 LISTEN

A health professional, Doctor Albert Anawart is set to commission a fully equipped hospital to help provide quality and affordable health care to the people of Offinso enclave in the Ashanti region and beyond.

The 50-bed capacity health facility sited in Abofour in the Offinso municipality was solely funded by the over 15years experienced Doctor Albert Anawart who aims to ease access to quality healthcare for the deprived people.

The facility, "House of Hope Hospital" accredited with NHIS would officially commence operation after unveiling from 12th August, 2021 to provide all kinds of services from general OPD to Counseling with blood bank available.

Speaking in an interview, Dr. Anawart revealed a heartbreaking story in which he was compelled as a nurse to allow five pneumonia infected babies to die in a hospital due to their inability to afford the cost of oxygen.

"I was working in a facility called Morden surgical, they have a lot of children there. I came home from California to Ghana and I went to volunteer there and one time it was a rainy season and I had about 40 children in the ward with only me one nurse.

"Some of them had pneumonia and they needed oxygen so unfortunately when I put on the oxygen, the owner of the hospital came and told me those people could not afford the oxygen and so I needed to take them off. And it was sad and so I took them off and by the time I ended my shift, I had about 5 children pass away within a period of 12 hours," he stated.

Doctor Albert Anawart noted that the experience inspired him to establish the project to help save the lives of poor innocent children.

"That really broke my heart, that really made me start the 'house of hope project's I feel that if I have my hospital, I don't think I will put off oxygen for innocent children to die because of poverty.

"It's so sad to see children die because of poverty and that really inspired me and I worked for 6 months without a single break just to get the financial needs to put on this hospital.

"I can't save everybody, but the few that I will be able save, I think that is the mission I have taken upon myself", Dr. Anawart intimated.

The facility is adequately fitted with Morden efficient medical equipment and logistics with a serene environment promising satisfactory service using modern technology as a power drive.

Some of the services to offer include general consultation, obstetrics/gynaecology, maternity and childbirth general surgical in-patient treatments, laboratory services amongst others.