Should Parliament Pass New Laws Empowering Security Agency Personnel To Shoot To Kill Armed Robbers?

Feature Article Should Parliament Pass New Laws Empowering  Security Agency Personnel  To Shoot To Kill Armed Robbers?
JUL 21, 2021 LISTEN

How best can the Ghanaian authorities curb the growing menace of armed robbers across the country? Being attacked by armed robbers is a traumatic experience that one wouldn't wish upon even one's worst enemies. That is why it is vital that an effective solution is found to halt that growing societal-menace, as quickly as is practicable.

Having said that, the point also needs to be made, however, that registering even a personal arsenal, consisting of the world's most powerful automatic weapons, will not secure the lives of law-abiding citizens, and their loved ones, who share the same roof over their heads, in today's Ghana. No question.

Unfortunately, from day one, today's big-thieves-in-high-places, who now dominate our greed-filled and effete ruling-élites, deliberately focused on packing our national security apparatus, with ill-disciplined myrmidon-thugs, previously employed by pro-New Party Party (NPP) militia's, owned privately, by a few party bigwigs, after January 2017. That egregious-aberation, has weakened Ghana's law enforcement agencies, considerably.

Incredibly, it was part of a grand-strategy, planned to enable them dominate the Ghanaian nation-state, for the next thirty years - to facilitate the looting of Mother Ghana, by stealth, with total impunity: to enable them to recoup personal funds expended to finance their party's three presidential and parliamentary election campaigns (of December 2008, December 2012 and December 2016), and successfully implement their top-secret agenda, of turning Nkrumah's Ghana, into an Akan-dominated society (as it happens, I am Akan myself, and know what I am talking about).

Alas, it has ended up turning our mostly peaceful nation, into a sometimes volatile African country, with a growing army of desperate youth, from some of the member-nations of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), freely roaming across Ghana, seeking dreamt-of-vast-fortunes, as scrap dealers, galamsayers and illegal sandwinners.

When business slows down, naturally (coming mostly from violence-prone backgrounds), they take to moonlighting as drug-crazed dare-devil armed robbers, terrorising innocent law-abiding folk.

The only lasting-solution, in my humble opinion, to curbing the growing lawlessness, is the passage of new legislation, by Parliament, under a certificate of urgency, granting immunity from prosecution, to personnel of the law enforcement agencies, which empowers them to automatically adopt a shoot-to-kill-stance, when confronting armed robbers. Simple. Cased closed. Enough is enough. Haaba.

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