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19.07.2021 Opinion

2023: The Burden Of Finding A Worthy Successor

By Micheal Joseph Okon-Uruan
2023: The Burden Of Finding A Worthy Successor
LISTEN JUL 19, 2021

If you are not praying for Governor Udom Emmanuel to complete well by handing over to a humane leader but only criticizing him, you are part of the problem.

For about two weeks now, yours truly have been profiling certain Akwaibomites as possible Successors come 2023 (more profiling yet to do) and in the cause of my search, I must confess it gets to a point you can't help but wonder who to really choose and support since almost all if not all are gladiators in their right. Someone rightly said the other day that even the Governor is confused( I pray not).

You can now understand why the Governor said that God will choose the next Governor for no mortal can really tell from the lot who would best serve the destiny of Akwaibomites without divine guidance?

0.1)I can imagine the pressure and possible dilemma the Governor would be going through. Just imagine Elder Ufot Ebong speaking glowingly of Mr Akan Okon while His Excellency is relaxing to reminisce over the yet to be completed Ibom deep seaport, purse and imagine the Chief of Staff telling the governor that OBA is the best option, imagine who past Presidents of this country will throw their weight upon? Imagine fathers of faith calling His Excellency over a revelation from God on a certain possible successor, think of who would approach Qua Iboe Church for the Pastor or Reverend that His Excellency's honours to speak on his behalf, imagine Exon-Mobil saying if not Udom Inoyo we won't relocate to the 21 storey building, Imagine APC at the center negotiating that if not this man or that man, PDP will lose Akwa Ibom State( aaaah! You think party difference makes politicians to hate themselves that much? Wake up), just Imagine a member of the first family under pressure to prevail on the brother (The Governor) to look in a given direction, are you aware that some will approach diabolic means, kidnapping children to sacrifice for their demons to control the Governor? Brethren this is the time to pray for the Governor because God will only give us the kind of leader we deserve. Please note that one wrong decision could take us a decade backwards if not more.

0.2)The Wisdom of Gov Udom Emmanuel:

I have watched this man from a distance and I am confident he will come out unruffled. His firmness, his authority, his order is what Akwaibomites are waiting for, just as in other times when he warned that anyone that calls his line for appointment as Permanent Secretary through anyone won't get it, I bet everyone behaved, on this matter of succession he has not spoken in clear terms yet, when he does area will be calm and quiet. I don't know how he does it, I guess it comes with grace and territory.

I know when he speaks the Assam Assam Integrity group seeking to breed another G22 cohort that could waste the first twelve months of whoever will emerge as successor in court after 2023 election will find their level as a people without the legacy( In the Voice of Obong Paul Ekpo) to screen aspirants for the plum job.

0.3) Why Uruan Prays? The Burden of choice is not just upon the Governor, even a people can come under such perplexity and mystification, therefore contenders should spare the hapless electorates the pressure of absolute loyalty when they are not delegates for the best some of us can offer is our heartfelt prayers and good words here and there. With over six possible contenders for the plum Job from Uruan local government area, why shouldn't we pray if power truly comes from God? Contenders for the plum job should spare the Governor the stress, rather they should pray and follow the process as shall be laid down by our great Part for even the Governor is overburdened with this matter (methink).

0.4 Governorship by Entitlement:

I want to believe no one is running around anymore with the entitlement mentality of being more deserving of the plum job than others for having done this or that for the Governor in 2019 for we are all entitled one way or the other in our right yet life does not recompense us always as we crave. That false sense of entitlement will only make one disappointment more traumatic, the more reason we must seek for the plum job with the understanding that it could be me, it could be you, it could be someone by your side so reconciliation wouldn't be a Herculean task.

0.5) When God Speaks?: How God speaks to our Governor shouldn't breed any snafus, if it's God there will be peace.

We can make the remaining months of our dear Governor a nightmare or a sweet memory and it all depends on how we line up in preparation to wish him farewell( Iya-umiss).

Micheal Joseph Okon(ACE) is a Political Commentator and writes from Ituk mbang.

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